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Friday, February 14, 2014


Woman's Day Thinks Lucky is "The Cutest" too!

Yes, I submitted a photo of Lucky to Woman's Day magazine for their "cutest" pet and they agreed-Lucky is right up there!

Take a peek:  

I'm Proud to be "Old"

Proud to be “Old”

Lately, I’ve been quite happy to be “old”.   It’s been saving me a lot of money.  That is a really good thing because our health insurance is costing us a bloody fortune-that’s another rant for another day.

If you’ve read me for any length of time, you know how much I hate all shopping except for produce.  Not my thing, hate trying stuff on, hate having to be depressed about shoe styles I’ll never wear and clothes that are not compliant to my physical condition.


However, there always comes a time where I really have NO choice in the matter.  And in the last few weeks I found myself in desperate need of foundation (thank goodness that was a 3 minute fix), under garments and new walking shoes. 


Strange how I needed these things all at the same time.  But at 56 I don’t want to leave the house without some make-up on, good undergarments are essential to my tee shirts looking good and without walking shoes in good condition-my RA ridden feet just plain hurt.  I’d rather avoid any added pain that can be avoided.


What does this have to do with being old?  It appears that I went shopping for my items on the right day!  Yes, many venues out here have senior days.  And many of them start the senior advantages at 55!!!  We knew the markets did this, but had no idea this great idea spread throughout the other retail establishments!


Steve had the day off last Tuesday so we started with going to the Denny’s across the street for breakfast with a 20% off coupon.  Being Tuesday-they gave us an extra discount because we were over 55. 

Can I get a “Woot, Woot”?


From there we took a drive to the closest mall to hit Macy’s for my undergarments and foundation.  Signed up for a new card which gave us 20% off for 2 days.  Then as I was paying for my items-the saleswoman informed me that I got an extra 10% off for being a senior. 

Can I get a “Woot, Woot”, again?

From there we went back to the outlet mall across the street from our home-you probably guessed, senior day and we got 15% off of my shoes, which I was getting a BOGO on, so what do I want to hear from you all?




We totaled up our savings on my shopping needs for the day:  $209.75.


Yep, getting old does have some advantages.  And guess what?  The bill from the doctor that we thought we had paid in full but our PPO didn’t feel like paying-It was $207.68.


Go figure.  If I were paranoid, I’d swear there was a conspiracy thing going on here.  In the meantime I’ll just bask in the glory of my shopping abilities AND my new items.

Before I forget-here’s wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day.  May it be filled with love, romance and togetherness.

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