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Monday, March 04, 2019


Winter to Spring-in One Day

Unbelievable! Last post we were uncharacteristically battling freezing temperatures and snow!  This week, mid-to upper 70's and by the end of the week, I will be able to get back into the pool for water aerobics!

Enjoying airing out the house.  Girls are enjoying their walks, sans jackets.  Kids are loving that we are in that "sweet spot" of not being either too cold or too hot-which means trips to the park!

Last week was another incredibly busy one!  While I didn't get PT in (therapist had jury duty!), I did manage 2 TRX classes, 4 walks and I believe 3 doctors appointments.  Plus, while Jackson and Sam enjoyed a kindergarten field trip to the Wildlife Animal Zoo and Aquarium, Steve and I had the pleasure of our grand-daughter Bryce for the day!

Then we had our eldest grandsons for the weekend.  Thank goodness Sarah's back from the Land of Oz and the boys are back into their regular routines as of Sunday afternoon.  They may be pre-teens, but they still missed their mom.

We did have a bit of  a challenge Friday.  Poor Adam!  His car, while young in years is old in mileage and began to have a serious case of the "shimmy shakes".  My friend Linda came to the rescue-to which we were so appreciative!  Adam could then borrow my car.

I had already planned to have coffee with her, but then realized that Friday was yet another half day for the boys.  So while we barely enjoyed our cup of coffee and chatting, we were off to pick up 3 kids at 2 different schools.  Linda went back home only to return a couple of hours later so we could get the dogs to the vet for mani/pedis, bordatella shots and Sunshine's hot spot looked at.

Boy-was-all-that-fun, NOT!  The good news:  Lucky's diet has more than worked.  She's down to a very svelte 5-1/2 pounds.  Sunshine's holding firm at 12.  Both did great during their mani/pedi and bordatella.  Then came the actual once over for Sunshine.

She was NOT happy about having her temperature taken, her teeth (what's left of them) looked at and her "owie" fiddled with-shivered and hid her head in my chest as much as she could.

Thankfully, no infection.  but she did have to wear the latest version of "the cone of shame" to break the cycle of her licking her sore.  We are also trying out a different allergy medication to help stop the itching.  Poor thing-keeps walking into a wall and not able to see just how to get out of the fix she puts herself in.  We tried self-adhering medical tape.  That came off in under a minute.  Bought baby socks and cut off the toes and slipped it on. That too wound up on the floor very quickly.

So conehead it is.  Thankfully, it's already improved from angry red to a healthy pink color and as long as she's doing something, she doesn't remember to lick it.

Parenting is sometimes a challenge.

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