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Thursday, August 04, 2011


What a Week!

Since my last entry, our daughter came into town for the weekend. She was in a wedding. She literally hit the ground running! Landed at John Wayne, rented a car and went to the rehearsal dinner. Didn’t arrive at our home until after 11.

The next morning, despite it being his day off-Steve went into work for a conference call. So we got up early and went to the local bagel/coffee hangout for breakfast. Steve went one way, we went the other. I had things to do, so Sarah went to go have a very brief lunch with her friends.

When she returned, we were told that our son-in-law was more than on the way and should be arriving with the boys by dinner time! However, there was this little “hitch”-seems Dylan left his PopPop bear at the pre-school.

Oh dear, oh dear. How would he sleep without PopPop for 2 weeks!?! PopPop is the much loved teddy that we made him at Build-a-Bear with grandpa singing to him. This was his favorite buddy in the whole world. Even now 4 years later with matted fur, bare nose and a smell that makes tears form from 3 feet away.

We set out for Build-a-Bear immediately upon my husband’s return. The same bear was no longer there (are emergencies like this ever easy to remedy?), but we took a vote and picked the closest one. While PopPop’s brother was getting stuffed, Steve took the voice box and recorded a new tune.

It was nearly dinner hour and once we were done at the mall, the call came that Alex and the boys are arrived and were hungry and waiting for us.

So much for our trip to the produce market! I would put together dinner with what I had. It was pretty good. I went for salmon burgers on focaccia rolls-grilled. Steamed broccoli and baked tater tots.

At 4 a.m., Steve heard Dylan throwing up. He rescued him. There was a repeat performance at 6, this time Alex cleaned up. I did 7 loads of laundry that day.
Dylan was fine, but while his parents went to the wedding, Uncle Adam and Auntie Sam came over with the grand pups and spent the day. We all kept both boys as calm as possible. Aidan is calm by nature and was happy tossing balls to the dogs, creating masterpieces with Dylan in chalk on the patio and driving the crazy cars around the yard.

Sunday came and Sarah and Alex went to meet my parents and her mother-in-law for brunch before heading back to Phoenix. Sam and I had a quick breakfast with our husbands before dropping them off at the airport for their week long business trip. It was humid and raining pretty hard.

I wound up doing 3 more loads of laundry, running errands and writing up 2 articles. The boys returned to me on Monday. The week went very fast. Sam came over after work to give me a hand. We all ate together.

Keeping the boys busy wasn’t that difficult. One day I met my parents at a local miniature golf place. Sam and I packed sandwiches and took them to a local park that was holding a concert-Jimmy Buffet tribute. I bought a wading pool and let them have fun there. We did bubbles, chalk drawings, did a music instrument parade with the dog (thank goodness the old girl can’t hear) and we met Sam at a park near her house and then went to her condo and went swimming at the association pool.

The boys will spend Sunday night (at least this is the plan) with their other grandma. If all goes as planned, Sam and I will pick up our husbands and have some dinner with them!

I say “if all goes as planned”, because we all know life is all about changes and going with the flow.  

Lucy Maxym, Art Dealer, Philanthropist and author

Speaking with Lucy Maxym about her love of art and her life was very interesting-now I'm sharing my experience with you!

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