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Friday, August 31, 2007



Quite honestly, while no one would ever look at me and say "there goes a tomboy, if ever there was one", I was never one who had many "best girl friends". More often than not, from kindergarten right up through college graduation, I wore dresses, dress shoes and when age appropriate, a full face of make-up. Unless of course I was in dance class.

All through my life my best friends were always of the male persuasion. Even now, although I call him "honey", my best and closest friend, is quite masculine. When it was time for gathering our wedding party together-one of my side had to be with the groomsmen for obvious reasons.

Lately however, even though I have only met one face to face (Yana Berlin who is creator of have made some very good "girl" friends. All thanks to my writing and the internet.

Besides Yana-who keeps me on the front page, more often than not, of her website, there is: Bev Mahone-who has given me the opportunity to be part of her ebook "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These!" and made me an inaugural "Baby Boomer Diva". Plus she attached me to her blogs which I'm sure has given me exposure I would have never encountered. There are two other divas who have taken me under their wings-Kathy Holmes who invited me to Linked In and put this site on as one of her favorites and Ginger Marks who has been an quite a mentor, teacher and all around sweetheart of a person lately. More on Ginger in a bit,but first I must add mention of another outstanding girlfriend-Arricca Elin SanSone.

Arricca is quite the free-lance writer with major articles in very major magazines. I was lucky/fortunate enough to be part of an article on Rheumatoid Arthritis that she wrote for Woman's Day magazine about 2 1/2 years ago. We re-connected over a recent article about long-time married couples and why and how they feel their relationship succeeded, happily while so many others failed. While my part was edited, our relationship has bloomed. She kicks my proverbial backside into realizing my worth as a writer and gives me more suggestions and confidence so I believe that I really will earn more than $5 for articles and $25 for recipes. You have to really appreciate someone who pushes you into trying more each day and forcing you to stretch your talents.

Back to my fellow diva Ginger. Owner/operator of and the creator of the divas logo (which you see to your left)she has been so kind and wonderful to me this past week. After all, she doesn't really know a thing about me except that my picture is on the same page of Baby Boomer Divas as she is. Yet, bless this patient lady, she helped this technodweeb!

Everyone else seemed to place the logo onto their sites without a hitch. Me-well, anyone who's been scanning these columns knows, I am mechanically challenged.

Anyway, I e-mailed her and said "I am tops at copy/paste and it's not working"
She told me I was cute and said if I give her a call she'd walk me through this maze. It took her over an hour, but together-we did it!!!

Then it dawned on me-could she, would she, help me with the dreaded "link" problem?

Yes! For those of you who didn't notice-I HAVE LINKS!! Thank you BIG TIME GINGER MARKS!

Since it's Labor Day-let me end by saying that even though Ginger did not give birth to a baby or toil away in a hot, dusty field-trust me, she went through a good deal of Labor.

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