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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Something So Simple

As you can see from the photos-last week's Menorah building was a complete hit.   Have to say-oldest grandson Dylan is very observant.  As the blocks of wood were being passed out, he looked at me and said, "Wait, Grandma-isn't this the holiday where we're supposed to light all those candles?"

"Yes Dyl, it sure is.  I'm sure that Rabbi will tell the story as you're putting the project together."

Before Rabbi could start, Dyl raised his hand and asked, "Hey, if we're supposed to light candles on fire, shouldn't we be making these things out of steel or something that doesn't burn?"

That's our Dyl.  The Rabbi complimented him on used his Tzekel (Yiddish for brain).

On to this week...

Finally, after waiting about 3 months, the library let me know that my turn at reading "X" by Sue Grafton had arrived.  I was absolutely giddy with the prospect of finding out what trouble Kinsey Milhone was going to be getting in now!

They were also having a book sale.  Have I mentioned that Steve made me swear not to buy any more books?  He's right of course, we haven't got a spot to put another one in-but I also swear, I was looking for the kids!

Anywho, another woman was there and we kept looking at one another (we were thinking the same thing) and started chatting.  She bought a bagful of books and I left with just my beloved mystery in hand.

As we were chatting I mentioned I was from Orange County.  That's when she told me she was from Laguna Hills!  What?  Wait, this woman who looks my age lived in my hometown?????

Turns out-we knew each other from our sons playing soccer!  In fact, we had carpooled to numerous games together!  We lived 2 miles apart.  They had moved to Anthem the same time we had!

We hugged, we laughed and we exchanged phone numbers.  Only someone from home understands moving and not knowing anyone or where to go the same way you do.

Told Adam.  Updated him on his friend.

We now live 5 miles apart.  But it sure feels good to know that someone from our past will hopefully be part of our future.  In fact, we're having coffee this week!

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