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Friday, October 04, 2019


Trying New Things

Not me!

Our grand-daughter Bryce is taking dance class at the community center.  Last night was "opening night"!    According to mom and dad, she loved it.  She does love to perform.

While Jackson is into tether ball (I beat a 2nd grader grandma!), basketball and soccer-Bryce is our princess of drama.

Without prompting, she will break out into song with the Chinese version of Happy Birthday, count to 10 in Spanish and will put on an entire show for a complete stranger at a restaurant!  Hence signing up for a class that includes tap, ballet and jazz for kids 3-5.

Sam bought her a dance outfit in purple.  I'm guessing that since Bryce's favorite color is pink, this was the closest to that hue that could be found at WalMart.

Adam promised to send pictures over later today.

The community center did do a very smart thing for this age group.  The class takes place in a room with a one way window.  That way the parents can watch without getting involved with the actual teaching of the class.  Kids tend to react much better when parents aren't sitting in the room.

It will be interesting to see those photos later!

Happy fall everyone!

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