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Friday, January 18, 2013


a New Baby at Our Home

A New Baby


We’ve had quite a week here.  Coming from Orange County, CA-entertaining the thought of protecting our faucetry and hoses from frost/freeze alerts never crossed our minds.  Then we received an e-mail from the contractor who did the needed “fix-its” to the house we bought:


“We are expecting a freeze-please remember to appropriately cover your outside pipes and faucets and make sure to do the same for your indoor plumbing as well.”


He went on to give the exact things we had to do.  Off to Home Depot we went-along with numerous other transplants to our area.  We bought the faucet caps, the pipe covers, the special tape, etc...  While there we got a call from our son, Adam.


“Where are you guys?  Can you come over right away?”


We told him what we were up to and asked if he wanted us to get the items for his home as well.  After making our purchase we made our way over to his home.  I thought their new furniture had been delivered and they wanted to show us how it all looked.


The grand pups greeted us in a very animated way-even for them!  There was our darling Sam holding a Chihuahua!  It seems that while they were walking the shelties they heard some yipping coming from the wash.  They saw a huge cat running after this very tiny dog.  After scaring off the feline our son sat down on the sidewalk and the thankful pooch climbed into his lap.


No one was out looking for her and it was very cold.  They brought her to the house and called us.  After all, we were going to be adopting a rescue and here was one needing a home.


The first thing we did was make an appointment with the vet all the kids were using for the next morning.  Knowing how we would feel if we ever lost a pet-we wanted to have her checked for a microchip, fleas, etc…  She also had toenails so long that they were curving under. 


The results:  No microchip, no fleas, healthy female-possibly preggers (that’s not what we wanted, let me tell you!), about 10-12 months old.  The doctor said she might just be ready to go into heat.  We’re hoping that’s the case because Steve is not into becoming a maternity ward.  We’ve put her picture on several rescue sites as being found. 


We have figured out the following about the pup we’ve decided to call “Lucky”.  She loves men.  We’re pretty sure that she had a boy of her own about Aidan’s age and coloring-because this dog just adores him.  Not that Dylan isn’t being given a lot of kisses as well.  Our son-in-law Alex got her to stop barking non-stop at Brianna.  Adam got her to stop yelping at Lily.  Lucky doesn’t seem to mind Billy.  Again, she’s a man-lover evidently.


Wondering how Pepper feels about this addition?  He’s not happy.  First off-he’s never seen anything this small, noisy and hairless.  While Pepper is barely 8 pounds of handsome Tabby-Lucky is 5.23 pounds of dog.  We decided to put a gate up at the bedroom.  I have been making efforts to at least bring in Lucky so they can see one another.


Funny-he loves playing with Lily and Billy.  When Brianna spends a couple of nights with us, he loves having her sleep in the bed with us-but this tiny pup has him perplexed.


Another thing-she’s only partially house-broken.  Sigh.  Thank goodness for our “sustainable bamboo floors”.  Thank goodness what she doesn’t like to do outside is solid, if you get my drift.  I’m thinking it’s that she needs a coat.  Poor little thing hates going outside in the cold.  Can’t blame her-I’m out there with her in several layers of outer wear myself!


We’re trying not to get to attached until we know whether or not someone will call and claim her saying there’s a little boy crying for his dog at their home.  Once we know if she’ll be part of our new Arizona Lives, we’ll get her vaccinated, a collar, a coat and a leash meant for a pup her size-because the one for Sunshine is way too heavy and large for her.


Our daughter has said that she knows I’m not really into tiny dogs and said we should find her a home with someone who prefers size-challenged pets. 

But, I’m a mom and an animal lover.  Poor little Lucky has been abandoned once, scared to death on a cold, frigid morning, rescued by one couple, taken by another couple to a home with a cat who wants nothing to do with her. 

All Lucky wants is to cuddle on my lap and be loved.  After all she’s been through; she deserves this at the very least.


So while she’s not what we had planned to adopt, we’re just going to adapt.  Things will work out and I’m sure Steve and I will fall in love with her-just as we loved our first Lucky and our Sunshine.

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