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Thursday, June 09, 2016


Russia, They Really Like Me

I was checking out my "audience" levels the other day-something very interesting was there for my viewing:

I have a huge following in Russia.

Go figure!

How do people in Russia (who probably don't read or speak much English) find my blog and enjoy it? 

Personally, I wouldn't even know how to find a blog in any other country-although, thanks to Bun (check last week's blog for details on his hilarious musings), I know of a great one in England!  Yet, the last two months more people in Russia have read my weekly musings than in the U.S.A!

I'm rather proud of that-really.  It's interesting to realize that people across the world read what I've got to say and I'm guessing they must enjoy it since they keep coming back to read more.  I've also got a pretty good following from people in Germany.

My grandparents came here from Russia, Germany and Poland-so it's cool to think that ancestors (of a sort) find my little blog and learn about my drab ordinary life.  Maybe it's the kid and fur baby pictures?

This week, besides letting you all know that I'm totally global, I want you to know that we here on the face of the sun have had 5, yes 5, record breaking heat days.  Even at 6 in the morning, my friends and I are sweating bullets and sunscreen by the end of our 40 minute walks.

I was pushing myself hard and going 5 days a week.  But alas, this RA, bursitis and degenerative disc patient has been told to "KNOCK IT OFF, LADY!"  Yep, my knee guy is waiting to give me gel shots in the knees (seems all that pain is NOT made better by exercising everyday and it hurts).  He also recommended water aerobics.  So now I'm walking only 2 days a week with my neighbors and I'll be joining my wonderful "coffee" girlfriends at our community pool twice a week for the suggested classes.

Then my spine/pain doctor told me "Your hips are in bad shape".  Okay, sort of gathered that from what feels like both an ice pick going through them and the burning sensation.  She's recommended PRP-it's where they take my blood, do some magic to it and then inject it into my hips which is supposed to help at least the bursitis and inflammation.  More so that the painful and chemically produced steroids that seem to work about 6-8 weeks.

I'm beginning to feel as if I need to duct tape huge ice packs to various joints and wrap whatever is able to peek through in bubble wrap.

And while I'm on this varied rant-I HATE MY NEW MAIL PROGRAM ON MY NEW COMPUTER! It puts everything and everyone into junk mail-repeatedly.  It also has no place for putting my list of contacts.  And if that isn't a royal pain in the patootie enough-I have to delete things at least 3 different ways INDIVIDUALLY to get rid of them.  MICROSOFT-I HATE YOUR WINDOWS TEN AND IT'S STUPID MAIL PROGRAM!

Hey Russia, aren't you glad you found me after that rant?

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