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Friday, February 16, 2018


Tummy Aches Abound

Not sure which one started it, but somehow all three furbabies have had a case (in this case, several) of the mean greenies.

Pepper tends to toss his cookies at least once a week, but it was a surprise when Sunshine both stopped eating and then left us "ponds" here and there throughout the bamboo.  Yuck.

Lucky oops on the bed-of course it was the day after Steve had done the linens, so he wasn't thrilled.

Then came a recurrence of my vertigo.  It's better today, but still feeling a tad "green".

Back to Sunshine.  She refused to eat.  Played fine, walked fine, ate her greenie fine and drank normally-just didn't want her food.

Called the vet.  I was informed that sometimes dogs do that to have a "test of wills".  However, if it went on more than 3 days to call back and bring her in.  On the morning of the fourth day I called and made an appointment for the following day.

Then Sunshine decided to eat.  She also ate her dinner and breakfast.  I called and cancelled the appointment.  Right after that, she puked again.  Then refused to eat, again.

Called back and asked to drop her off the next morning.  That was Valentine's Day.  Poor Sunshine, she looked so sad.  One of the rescue cats was walking around the office and she didn't even notice!  Back at home, Lucky was so upset about both Sunshine and I leaving her behind that she puked, hopped up onto my recliner and whined until I came home.  I know this because Steve said that's what she was doing.

When he left she was whining away-not even Pepper could console her about the absence of both her sister and her mom.

Upon my arrival she cried and greeted me as if I had been gone a week!  It was quite a welcome home for Sunshine from both Lucky and Pepper.

The problem?  Seems our attempt to serve the "best" food to our dog wasn't the best for her tummy!  Lucky adjusted just fine and is enjoying it.  For Sunshine it caused her stomach upset and then some!

Funny, we started out giving them 1/4 new food and increasing it every 4 days and we weren't even up to a full replacement as yet!  Either way, Sunshine now has to have an antacid before she eats and special digestive friendly prescription food for the next few days.

I guess Lucky will be enjoying the "fancy" gourmet food while Sunshine will dine on the "step below" gourmet fare once she goes back on her regular diet.

She's feeling much better and even enjoyed our walk this morning with our friends-even walked extra!  I wish I could say I felt that good after a 2-1/2 mile walk in the cold and wind.

Now I'm the one sipping on the "tummy tamer tea".

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