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Friday, October 20, 2017


The Cooking Gods are Against Me

Our new BBQ is finally up and working!  We bought it in the original version of needing a propane tank so Steve had to change it over to natural gas and hook it up.

Poor guy!  It was far from an easy task.  Adam and Steve put the new grill in the old one's spot-right by the gas line.  Of course, they unhooked the old one first.  Then Steve took the conversion kit and got right into what he thought was maybe an hour of work.  Nope-three hours later he finally told me to take out the indoor grill pan for the steaks.

Now I would've used the broiler in the top oven, except for one little irritating thing-the panel had died and while it would heat up and do the work it was intended to do, then it had a problem cooling down!  We found that out Thursday night. The repairman came Friday in the a.m..

I know you're all thinking, "So what if it takes longer to cool down?"  That wasn't actually the entire problem.  The real problem was about an hour after I turned it off-the timer beeper went off, incessantly.  I'd turn it off, it would come back on.  This went on Thursday night for about 2 hours.  Friday too, because I turned on the oven and then remembered what the repairman said.

Not sure about Steve, but I was dreaming about the timer going off all night, twice.

And if that wasn't annoying enough, I turned on the bottom oven (hey, they aren't the same unit!) and used it to bake some poppyseed bread for the grandkids snacks.  But that oven began sending out the aroma (loose term) of burnt popcorn.  Plus, my loaves came out burned on the bottom even though I took them out 15 minutes early.

In Europe and Asia very few homes come equipped with ovens.  I personally don't know how they survive!  Where/how do they roast veggies, potatoes, bake cookies or a cake or just keep something warm for a few minutes while waiting for either people or other food to be ready????

Our ovens get used every single day.  Usually multiple times.  I love a good baked oatmeal in the mornings.  Weekends, it warms our plates to keep our waffles warm.  I roast a lot of veggies around here too.  Not being able to do any of this has been frustrating!

Take the other night, Steve took out a package of beef ribs.  I seasoned them, wrapped them and then they had to pre-bake for 2 hours before he could finish them off on the grill when he got home.
That was fine, but then Steve asked for either oven fries or tater tots to go with them.

"Sorry, no can do.  Both will take about 20-30 minutes plus the wait time on getting the oven temp up from 300 to 450."

Plus, the house already stunk of burnt popcorn.  I do like popcorn smell, but not when it smells burned.

As I'm writing this I'm waiting for that text telling me that the repairman is on his way with my new panels.  He is also going to re-calibrate both upper and lower.

It may seem like such a minor thing, but it goes right back to that song line, "You don't know what you've til it's gone."

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