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Thursday, July 18, 2019


It's a Sad Party

More on last week's rant about Medicare and Prolia.  Yes, now I'm in the mood to name names.  Mainly because I'm disgusted, frustrated and disgruntled.  Plus I now have these following wonderful nurses to join my "party":  Angie, Amanda, Kim and finally Taylor.

The nurses thought they had figured out a back door-send me to an infusion center and then Medicare would pick up 80% of the cost.

Medicare told the infusion nurse, Taylor, that the would have paid for the Prolia if I were over 65!  When did disability start having an age?

Even though she didn't have to in any way, Taylor asked if she could speak with my doctor/nurses and then try her persuasion on both the government and the pharmaceutical company?  I told her, Of course!"  I also told her that I had totally lost hope and while I hoped a miracle would happen I've decided to not hold my breath.

All three nurses pretty much told her the same.

Adam was past incredulous.  He got on the computer.  After two hours he found that it wasn't advisable for me to drive to Mexico and bring it back.  Canada had it for literally half the price, but because it has to be kept at a certain temperature and they couldn't guarantee that any shipping company would comply I'd have to go to them.

By the time I'd be through paying for the flights, the hotels and the food plus the obvious cost of the Prolia and a nurse to inject it-I'd be pretty much even past the original $1,522 shot cost.  Only difference is that I'd get to see whatever part of Canada I had to go to TWICE a year!

Basically, my medical team is disgusted.  They can't put me back on the last drug as it wasn't working well enough to try it again.  The new drugs coming out are either as expensive or even more so.

The result?  Keep taking my calcium, Vitamin D3 and exercising.  Oh, don't let anyone hug me too hard and watch out for places and lots of people who might bump into me hard enough to break yet another bone in my anatomy.

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