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Thursday, February 27, 2020



Springing Into Action

Mornings around here are still quite chilly-in the low 40's.  As you all must have surmised by now, I hate the cold weather.  So I'm not at all willing to walk the girls early in the morning and the idea of going to the pool is, well, not really seriously on my mind as yet.

Now last week I would have gone for it, except for the "puke" incident I wrote about.  Then we had that huge rain storm Saturday and the very sunny but chilly days since.

I've been walking the girls pretty regularly.  Funny thing-Sam, the kids and all the dogs went for our usual Sunday walk and after less than a half mile, Lucky put the brakes on and demanded to ride for the rest of the outing!

Three of the four dogs were in their winter's best cloaks (Lily, being a sheltie, had plenty of fur!) but all weren't happy about the very cold cement.  I guess Lucky was the smart one and refused to have cold toes for the sake of exercise.

I'm always cold -even on those 120 degree days, my hands and feet are extremely chilly.  Even with my sweater and coat on, I wasn't too happy about that noon time walk in 55 temps with an even lower wind chill factor.  BRRRR. And yes, I was wearing a pair of gloves.

We all got through it though.  The kids even wanted to play at the park as we rounded the last leg of the stroll and back onto our block.  Sam immediately ruled that idea out since the rain had soaked not only the rubber matting but all the sand as well.  Lake New River was evident in more than one place.

Spring is supposed to be upon us tomorrow, or so says the Weather Channel.  It said we can expect the highs to actually get into the upper 70's!  Which should mean that tomorrow morning by the time I need to leave for class it could be maybe 60!  If it is, I'll be ready.  My bag has been packed for a week and I truly am ready to "Spring" into action.

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