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Friday, September 14, 2012


Village humorist recalls friendship with Phyllis Diller | phyllis, most, book - News - The Orange County Register

Village humorist recalls friendship with Phyllis Diller | phyllis, most, book - News - The Orange County Register  

A Year of No Sunshine

It’s mighty cloudy around here.


I had another blog post written and ready to go when I looked at the calendar. 


I realized that the coming week includes September 18th.  I know that most of you have no idea the significance-and in all honesty, you probably don’t care.  But to those of us who are part of the immediate Nadel/Krise clan-the sheer date is bringing some mighty big lumps into our throats and lots of tears to our eyes.


On this date a year ago, our blessed and loved lab mix Sunshine left this earth-leaving behind six adults, two little boys and a then 8 year old tabby named Pepper in a grief so deep, that we still all feel it.


So much has happened since this horrible day last year.  We sent my husband’s mother to his sister’s neighborhood to live.  My parents sold their home of 47 years and moved into the retirement community down the street from my sister and me.  Our mom is steadily losing her sight and sold their car.  Our dad’s memory is getting worse with every major change that’s occurred.  Our son and daughter-in-law joined our daughter and son-in-law in Arizona. My husband got a job and started it in Arizona just last week.  Our home of over 23 years has a sign denoting that’s it’s for sale.


I’ve had 3 epidurals, a double hand surgery and another one coming up in less than 10 days.  I’ve torn my rotator cuff.  My shots will now be injected by my sister.  I should be moving soon myself.


My husband promised me that I could have a new pup when we moved-I’ve wanted a new canine child, but it doesn’t mean I’ll miss Sunshine any the less.  A dear and close friend lost her precious “Mac” a few days after we lost “Sunshine”-she too is feeling that horrible pinch of grief.


We’ve lost pets before in our lives, but for some reason, while we loved all of them fiercely, these last two created a void that neither we nor our spouses thought possible.  Was it their sense of humor?  Their innate ability to smile?  That these rescues needed us more than their predecessors?  Or was it that we needed them more?


I can’t say for my friend-but I think that it was all of the above and one more-It was Sunshine’s sense of knowing how much we needed her.  After her arrival on September 15, 1997 I said-no matter what the day looks like outside we will always have Sunshine. 


Really, I should have never said something that naïve-Sunshine, I hope you’re resting in peace my love bug and having a grand time playing with Mac and even our wonderful Lucky and Snowy.  For now though, I’m allowing myself to miss you all over again and shed more than a few tears.

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