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Friday, September 05, 2008


Life Happens

What’s the saying? Life is what happens when you’re making plans.
It’s true, we know that. Every year between Christmas and New Year’s, my day job closes. We don’t get paid for this, but it’s nice to know I get it. Somehow, we always wind up in Las Vegas.

I hate Las Vegas. The last few years we went mainly because our daughter and son-in-law have a time share and it didn’t cost us anything for the room. We don’t gamble. It’s too cold to do much walking (and then there’s the ensuing “foot” problem that I have take into consideration) and the shows are very expensive. We wind up shopping and eating.

Last year, 2 days before we left, I came down with the worst cold (and later infection)I had had in over 3 years. Really romantic. It hit my lungs and my ears-I couldn’t even sit without a case of severe vertigo. Here we are a year later and I still can’t move my head to fast or the room spins. And yes, I’ve seen a doctor about it-let’s just not go there.

This year, I’m digging in my heels-I want to see something other than my breath and one the many outlet malls.

With our “special” Starwood card we’ve been looking at Phoenix or Tucson. San Francisco is a possibility, but with the wind and cold and my lack of going up and down the hills with the needed amount of grace-the desert seems a lot more friendly.

We’ve been to Phoenix and Scottsdale many times, but not as a couple-this might sound crazy, but we took our summer vacations there when the kids were in grade school. Yes, it was murderously hot, but we were able to stay at the Hilton Resort in one of their townhouses for $69 a night, so we loved it. Plus, the kids could swim until 10 at night-they thought it was great.

Tucson has some wonderful hotel choices. We have enough bonus points to have 4 nights at a luxury resort that’s close to Old Town, the mountains and quite a few tourist areas. And, my own personal requirement, a gym and spa. I can get my physical therapy work in, walk (or attempt to hobble around) and then possibly splurge with a much needed massage. And according to the Tucson Tourist site, they have 300 days of sunshine a year. That fact and the heavenly bed-I’m already there.

My guess is we’ll chicken out on the Tucson part and opt for Phoenix. Same financial choices and it’s much less time in my husband’s Crossfire. Hey, nothing says “romantic vacation” like a trip in a sports car for two.

Where does the part about life happens while you make plans? Let’s see-2 years ago, we went with our kids-our daughter was 7 months pregnant and was supposed to be on bed rest. For some reason, her OB sanctioned this trip-she gave birth a month later.

Last year, not only was I sick as the proverbial dog, but my sister-in-law decided to visit so we had to rush home. Our daughter and my husband’s mother cannot be in the same city together, so we had to contend with that situation. Plus, she was pregnant again and wound up in the hospital. Not exactly the way we pictured the week together.

I’m determined this week will be different. We’re going to be healthy, see something new and come back to nothing life-changing.

Will I get my wish? I don’t know.

This might be a great subject to make a cyber-pool on.

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