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Monday, June 24, 2013


Let's Party for Jackson

Let’s Party!


I know, just posted on Friday afternoon.  The reason I’m writing so soon is that I’m FIRST:  ON A ROLL.  Just finished 3 magazine articles and figured while our grandson Dylan fell asleep, I’d keep going.


The 2nd reason is that the time has arrived for our wonderful inherited daughter Sam and I to cross the desert and visit Orange County for a very special reason!  Hard as it is to believe-it’s time for us to celebrate the eminent arrival of Jackson Dale by going to her baby shower!


Of course, this is not going to be an easy fete.  Sam just crossed over into her 33rd week of pregnancy and I, well, I am me.  It is what it is.  We’ll taking off after we have breakfast with our husbands on Thursday.  Now I can’t say positively-but I have a feeling that we’ll be lucky to arrive at dinner time.


Sam will stay at her mom’s house; I’ll be bunking at my sister’s.  Friday, my plans are to meet a dear friend for coffee a couple of hours before I pick up my wonderful and birthed daughter Sarah at the airport.  Saturday-I’m so getting a haircut and spending time with my parents and sister.  Sunday-Sarah and I will be up quite early.


We have to go pick up the cake and join Sam’s mom and sisters to set up for the shower.  I’m sure the day will go very fast.  I’m going to be taking pictures and even video so that we’ll be able to remember the day.  Monday-we three very tired and hopefully happy ladies will eat breakfast and take off for our desert homes.


Sarah hasn’t seen her husband and kids for a month.  I won’t have really seen my husband for the better part of a week (he went to visit our nephew and his sister for a couple of days) and I’m sure by then, Sam will be darned happy to stop travelling around and share with Adam the details of our excursion.


In some ways, these trips are both a blessing and a bane-we’re so excited to see our family and friends, yet it’s never enough to realize that’s what we did!  What I do realize is that the next time we make the trip “home”-Sam will be a new mom, Adam will be a new dad and I’ll be a grandma of 3 of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen.

At least in my humble opinion.

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