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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


#35 & We're Off

After two years of saving, paying, anticipating and planning-Steve and I are leaving!

Yes!  Off we go to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and our first vacation ALONE together in 5 years.

We need this, real bad.  Since moving to Arizona it feels as if all we've been doing is:  taking me to medical procedures, doctors, physical therapy and running errands.  Oh, and helping out taking care of our grandkids.

While we love our kids and grandkids to the moon and back and are willing to do whatever is asked of us-the time has come that we need to be alone.

What does alone mean, I mean besides the obvious?  For us, it means a week of not making out lists of what needs to get done, doing the stuff on the list, endure big, freaking needles put into some area of my spine, tortured (for the good of my body) at various appointments and not having to make a meal, clean something or worry about one of our dividends.

It doesn't matter that they are in their 30's-I think most parents still worry about their kids.

This trip, Sam and Adam have graciously offered to watch Pepper and Lucky.  I hope this isn't going to be too much with their own 5 kids (2 human, 3 four-footed).  I'm pretty sure that 14-year-old Pepper will just hide under their bed with Toby and Zoey (Adam and Sam's cats).  Lucky however, oy!

The last time we left Lucky for 3 days-she gave herself nervous colitis and our wonderful vet went to the local animal resort to "patch" her up. 

We're hoping that staying with family, her cat and her friend Lily (Adam and Sam's sheltie) will be just the ticket. 

Still, she is my baby and I'm concerned.

Once we get on that plane-I'm going to try really hard to put everything other than Steve in a locked drawer.  We want to have fun!  And that's exactly what I'm planning to do-enjoy my husband's company, the romance of a Caribbean cruise and time away from the every day.

"See" you soon!

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