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Friday, January 18, 2019


Ennui-Come and Find Me, PLEASE!

Another week of life has been going on here.

Thankfully, I finally saw the ENT on Monday morning.  I will tell you now, it did help (hasn't quite cured, but I'm hopeful) and it was NOT pleasant.

I really liked this doctor.  He got right down to things, he doesn't believe in using IPads instead of looking at his patients and he actually gave me my prescription written on an old-fashioned pad!!!

Anyway, he agreed with my primary doctor's assessment that my nose was in bad shape and immediately numbed up the entire appendage's inside and cauterized it as well as used silver nitrate.

Then he told me this whole problem wasn't due to my meds disagreeing with each other-nope, it was due to one medication.  That med?  The only one that I can take for my RA.  Wonderful.  So I've been unable to breathe, blowing my nose and having this awful time for almost 3 months because of one medicine???

Called the rheumy who said to stop taking it (really, doh?)  and call him in 2 weeks.  Does he actually think that if by then this episode is over I'm going to re-start that stuff?  It didn't work the first 15 years without added medications, so why oh why would I go through all of this again?

Then later that afternoon, I went to the PT about my troublesome foot.  I'm doing all the exercises twice a day as I was told.  So far, my foot STILL HURTS.

Moving on, last night my poor sister called to inform me that she was at the ER with our dad.  Seems he wanted to move to another chair to hear the live entertainment at his "home" and tripped and fell over someone's legs and cane!

I won't bore you with the all-night goings on, except to say my sister got 10 minutes of sleep, and drove from the one ER to his insurer's hospital and in the end he had a nasty gash on his head and he agitated a very important disc that had previously been fractured.

As I'm typing this, she was taking him home, settling him in and letting his care-givers whatever instructions are needed and removing the cane and only leaving the walker for him to use.

Whoever said that getting old isn't for sissies, never said truer words.

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