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Friday, April 30, 2010


See Ya

First off, happy 28th birthday to our daughter. Where did the years go to? How did you get to be 28?

Now for some other news!

As you all know (probably gagging at the umpteenth mention of it), we have our son’s wedding on May 7th and after that I’ll be off on a Mexican Rivera cruise with my daughter and her family, so I’ve decided to take a bit of a respite from What’s Cooking, both here and on Fab40 (where I actually use the column to talk about food! Imagine that?).

Since we’re leaving early on my usual posting day to check Sunshine in at the Pet Hotel for the night, have breakfast with our son and very, very soon to be daughter-in-law, pick up my husband’s mother and then drive out to Palm Springs for the rehearsal and the dinner we’re hosting in their honor, I’ve decided that I’m not going to add any undo pressure to the mix.

I have several personal type errands to do to prepare for the event-mani/pedi/hair-dying, etc…

No way am I going to be in pictures w/ the gray that’s presently showing! I also have to start packing for my week away. I’ve got a lot to do here people-so I’m going to concentrate on that.

As for my Mother’s Day blog-this is it, since I’m leaving on Mother’s Day. This is the day after the wedding!

Before I walk up the gang plank-we’re going to go to a lovely restaurant that overlooks a manmade lake that’s about 10 minutes from our door. The newlyweds will join us, our daughter’s family, my parents and my sister’s family for the brunch. Should be a fun morning!

For the cruise-I’ve got my 10+ year old bathing suits and cover-ups ready, plenty of sunscreen and both sundresses and workout clothes to take, plus a few dress up togs. Our tours have been purchased, so it seems we’re good to go!

May all the mothers who come here have the very best of celebrations-I hope the day will be as wonderful for you as I’m expecting mine to be.

Husbands and kids: treat the mother in your life right-don’t forget a card, a hug and ask if there’s anything that they would like! And women: Don’t think everyone can read your mind! If you are thinking that you’d like something special (even if it’s for someone to serve you breakfast or dinner at home!) tell your husband and kids!

And now, I bid you all a bon voyage until May 21st!

For those of you who would like this week's recipes over at the "flip side", here's the column link:

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