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Friday, August 31, 2018


Do You Cherish Your "Personal" Space?

Personal space, until it's invaded upon most of us take it for granted.  I've had a few ideas in my head for a while now about this subject.

Such as:

I'm much closer to 61 than ever and I realized that I haven't gone to my bathroom without "company" since, well, ever.  Nope.  We had a pets growing up and somehow they would find their way in when I took a bath or anything else.  Then when Steve and I got married I really had no privacy in the bathroom!  Our first apartment was so small and we both had to get to know each other very well pretty darn fast.

Then along came Snowy, our first 4-legged baby.  From that point on I honestly don't think I've ever had some personal space.  My shower?  I've usually got 3 sets of eyes on me.

Right this second, I'm in the office of course, but I've got Pepper on my lap, Lucky on my right and Sunshine on my left and they're all staring at me.

It's okay, I really love them and I've gotten used to it.  Plus, I think it really provides me with some extra reasons to stay fit and trim-who wants the dogs to bark to all the neighbor dogs that their mom needs to exercise???

Which brings me to my water aerobics class and the subject of personal space.  Our class is very popular and therefore crowded.  Everyone tries very hard to put themselves into a spot where we won't bump into anyone else-except for one person.

I don't know why she comes.  90% of the time she isn't doing the exercises, she has this extremely goofy grin on her while she watches the rest of us working out and instead of leaving her water by the edge of the pool the way all the other members do-she gets out of the pool and gets her sip from the bag about 20' away.

But what really bugs me (it's her money, if she doesn't want to workout, it is her choice) is that she has NO IDEA WHAT PERSONAL SPACE means.  Nope.  Not at all.

One other class member and I realized her Velcro-mentality seems to mainly be directed at us.  No matter where we go, she's moving herself to be within literally 6" of us.  Ever try to move your arms and legs with someone practically on top of you?

Last week, I asked her very nicely to please give me about 2' and she kept that grin and nodded yes and then proceeded to get closer!  I said, "Please, I meant 2' in the other direction, I really need to be able to move my arms and legs."  She nodded and didn't move!

The other woman she gets a tad to close to decided that maybe if on one of her moves she accidentally "kicked" her that she'd learn her lesson and move.  That didn't work either.

Monday, even though it's a holiday, we'll all be in class-if she comes it should be interesting.  No one will be in the pool except us.  Personal space is really important.  I don't mind if my loved ones invade mine, but I'm old and cranky about people who are strangers.

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