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Friday, May 02, 2008


It's Birthday Season

Ah, it’s birthday season in our home again. Yes, it always starts with our “Baby Boy”. He turned 24 last Thursday-24 on the 24th. Last night, our daughter turned 26!

Alright-when did I become a mom to people in their mid-20’s?

We don’t stop there-today is my sister-in-law’s birthday. The 6th, my brother-in-law’s. Followed by our nephew, son-in-law, his mom and my dad. Throw in Mother’s Day and a week later my sister-in-law’s anniversary and well-we’re broke, even with only giving gifts to the “kids”. Let’s face it-there are 4 right there.

I figure, since the moms involved all gave birth early-August is a very popular month for romance.

What I love is the approach my husband and I have always taken to gift giving. Our recipients seem to appreciate it as well. Since I admit to not picking out “good” gifts and think of shopping for anything but food as some sort of evil doing-we go with the good old green. We have found that this gift always fits, the color is perfect and we don’t have to here “ohhh my, what a lovely gift, but I’m not sure it fits-where can I take it back to so I can find the right size?”

We all know what that means-“Boy did you screw up again, this is hideous”, just in a kinder, gentler fashion.

This year, we gave our son a choice (since he’s got a good job) take $50 off his rent this month or off his car insurance. He took the rent-since he’s still wondering why we instated that bit of news on him.

Our daughter requested a mother daughter outing-up to the same $50 (we’re paying for her return to school-HAPPY DANCE BEING DONE WHILE TYPING HERE!). So tomorrow, we’re getting a manicure and lunch out with some window shopping. Nephew is getting cash, as is our son-in-law (or if he’d rather, we’ll pay his cell phone upgrade for the month on our family plan).

Everyone else-cards and a group party-even my dad this year. Mother’s Day is the date we’ll be doing the affair, at my parents.

Most family’s have this type of month-one co-worker at my day job said his clan’s “go broke” month is around Thanksgiving. They have 4 birthdays and 3 anniversaries.

And now, I must bid everyone a fond adieu for the week-we have to call up my sister-in-law and wish her a Happy Birthday.

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