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Friday, December 26, 2014



I decided last week that I was taking today off from this blog.  But Steve went off to work, Lucky and I have already completed our daily walk and I'm still not in the mood to finish the 3 assignments I have sitting here and reminding me of their submit dates every time I come into my office.

So, I figured why not?

Hanukkah is officially over, we don't celebrate Christmas and it's really too cold outside to consider taking a second power walk.  Plus, the first one has left me so stiff that I have to wait to "defrost" before doing another set of physical therapy exercises.

Lucky gave up walking home.  She was all for my harnessing her up and putting her pink hearts fleece hoodie on and getting outside-until we both felt that burst of 32 degree wind dispelling the 45 degree bright sun.  When we got to the 1 mile point, she dug her heels in and cried for me to carry her home.

Sigh, I spoil her so.  Yes, I picked up my 5 pound ball of love and brought her home in my arms.

As you all know,  I'm not good in the cold.  Plus, we ate breakfast at Denny's Christmas morning and I'm pretty sure the "holiday" cook didn't understand my specific order of "no dairy" in my fitfare plate.  I've been green to the point of not being able to stomach anything other than herbal tea.

Guess it's a good thing that Steve's working-can you imagine Mr. Carnivore enjoying a dinner of herbal chamomile/peppermint tea and cinnamon toast for his evening meal?

Some of the highlights of our year:  My new car and I getting hit head on, my rental car simultaneously combusting with me in it, Aidan graduating kindergarten, Jackson turning 1 and our home being burglarized and losing a lot of very sentimental (and entertaining) objects from our existence.

It's been a year.  May 2015 bring us all much happiness, good health and better times!

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