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Friday, November 17, 2017


Last Day in My 50's

I don't know how this happened!  How did I get to be 60?  Seems it was just a few minutes ago I was in my early 20's, getting married and having kids.

I guess the good news of this is that I went to the rheumatologist yesterday for my regular follow-up and my Prolia shot (nothing says young like those two things) and they weighed me-seems I am 2 pounds less than the day Steve and I were married.

Somehow though, my body doesn't look like it did in 1981.  While thanks to Janet Starce's water aerobics and walks with Lucky and Sunshine I am toned-things aren't near as "taut" as they once were, yuck.  Plus, I don't think there's a single bone or joint that doesn't hurt.

I was having coffee with a friend just this morning and she too was lamenting that "why can't we be spared some of the natural process of getting older?"  For her it was skin that wasn't tight and firm and she hated that her various body parts looked  like they didn't belong to her.

The graying hair?  Don't care.  I've earned them.  The "laugh lines"?  Earned those too.  The scars and "war" stories?  Means I've lived.

What does bother me about this milestone birthday?  I used to love wearing knit dresses and high heels.  Now looking at the heels makes me groan.  And the knit dress?  Well, I have a feeling that even though my height and weight ratio is quite good, my ability to "pull off" the tight body hugging long sweater has left the building.

Even if I could find one that looked really good on me, I'm pretty sure the orthopedic flat shoes would have people smirking.

All in all, I'm okay with getting older-as many don't get to have this privilege.  And honestly, 5 months ago I wasn't all that sure I would see this birthday.

That said, "Good bye the decade of my 50's and Hello to my 60's"

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