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Thursday, July 28, 2016


I Love August

I know you are all thinking I'm crazy-but there's some "method" to my loving August in the desert:


Yes!  Monday, August 8th-the boys will be back in school.

It was hard enough when they were really little to keep them busy between grades but now?

Well-let's just say I applaud our local librarians and the volunteers.  Without them I'm not quite certain I would've kept my sanity for the last two years.  They are FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!

The volunteers sponsor the summer library reading program.  As you saw from a few pictures the boys were kept quite involved in creating everything from solar ovens and solar meals to stress balls and tee shirts.  This past week was the last of "Maker Camp" and the Thursday morning "Open House" events. 

The boys made their own coasters with plastic beads, vanity buttons and were allowed to have a last afternoon of both lego creating and electrical robot activities.  On Thursday morning it was "Celebrating the Olympics Around the World"-they made their own "Gold" cookie medals, Felt medals, tattoos, balloon ping pong, soda bottle bowling, made their own "torches" and so many other crafts.

In general, going to the park is out after 11 a.m., the boys refuse to wear the under armor shirts and it's too hot to entertain the pool even with the added protection.  There are sun "sails" over the areas but that only works when the sun is straight overhead.  Otherwise-you have that blazing heat coming in sideways.

Next week, in lieu of these activities, I'm using our HOA community center and hoping that there will be some other kids to play:  ping pong, foosball, basketball or whatever else is around.  It's supposed to be total monsoon weather and 112, so I'm doubting even a toe dip at the water park or a few laps in the pool will be possible.

Back to loving August.  I will love being able to NOT breaking up sibling fisticuffs, hearing that everything is "boring" (didn't that used to start around the teen years????) and feeling as if I somehow was given a position as head cook in a diner. 

It's going to still feel wonderful to get in the pool and do water aerobics in the morning and it will still be easy to walk at 6 in the a.m. twice a week (especially after my 3 faint-worthy injections to the most pesky knee).  Still won't be thinking "the cooler weather is near at hand".  Summer will be in complete full swing. 

Going to the market without hissing "Dyl, Aidan-behave!"  will be really nice.

I love those boys with all my heart, wouldn't have the summers any other way-except "all good things must come to an end", even if it just goes from having them from 7-6 to 3-6.  It's a nice toss up in the schedule and in our lives.

Just to be sure we re-establish grandpa/grandma time alone-I'm skipping my water class as you read this and Steve and I are taking the "harrah's coach bus" to a local casino for a few hours of totally unlike us frolicking.

They do the driving, give us $10 to play with and bring us back to our parked car!  Yes!  August is almost here, I hear the school bell gearing up to ring and the finish line on another summer vacation period coming to a calm and peaceful end.

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