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Friday, July 13, 2012


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Miffed, But Happy Too


Yes, I’m miffed.  A few weeks ago a couple of anniversary presents given to me by my one and only had “issues”.  We took it to what we thought was “our reliable jeweler”.

I did do a blog about the anniversary band-the one where the jeweler said that the center store was, quote, “cracked in half and had to be replaced” and I mentioned that my tennis bracelet had been “in the safe” because a stone came out and subsequently lost.

Thanks to my wonderful sister who had dismantled a ring she didn’t like, she gave me a stone that fit perfectly into the spot.  And thanks to our daughter-in-law who had had a wonderful experience at a different large jewelry chain, we went there to have it “fixed”.

This chain (I don’t want you to think I’m doing anything other than praising them-So they start with a J and end with a D-if you’re interested in more-leave a remark) replaced the stone, took care of the prongs, checked the rest, polished and cleaned it and had it back to me within 3 hours and it was only $79!  All the while, we were still on the third week of waiting for my ring to come back from the other place’s “plan B” jeweler after I told them NO WAY to their “plan A”.

Finally, jeweler #1 called and said it would be $180 dollars and they wouldn’t be able to give me a guarantee because “after all we now know the diamond is cracked”.  I thanked them and said I was coming to pick it up and go for another estimate.

Wouldn’t you know it?  When I got there the manager came over and wanted me to know “I don’t do this for everyone, but I’ll throw in a thorough cleaning and polishing”.

I thanked her again and said if we decided to have them do the work they’d see me.  I went straight over to our new jeweler-who told me that while the stone had a “slight flaw”, there was no crack and they could re-tip the entire ring, polish it up and have it back to me within an hour-all for less than HALF THE FREAKIN’ COST of the other store!!

Needless to say-I now am back to having both my bracelet and anniversary band on and my wedding set (as well as my husband’s band) are also clean and sparkling.

With businesses of all sorts going belly up right and left as well as up and down-you’d think even the largest of chains would take a hint about the importance of  both customer service and honesty.

Shame on the one store (who for anyone who is wondering start’s with a Z and ends in S and if you need more of a hint, leave me a remark) who will now only see us when our 6 month check comes around and Kudos and then some to the store we will now spread the word on-they’ve earned our respect and the praises we’re heaping on them.

Plus, I love having my bling bling back!

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