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Thursday, June 13, 2013


First Father's Day in our New Home & My Annual Heat Rant

First Father’s Day in Arizona & My Annual Heat Rant


This is also the first Father’s Day that I won’t be able to spend it with my dad.  Our daughters and I will be out at the end of the month for Sam’s baby shower, but it isn’t the same as being there on the day itself.


When we get there-we’ll be leaving just prior to my mom’s birthday as well.


It’s hard not being there.  Not that we did heaven knows what, but it’s the fact that I’m there that strikes a chord.  Dad’s 84 now and mom’s about to turn 83.  When we all somehow carve out a weekend to see each other there’s only so much we’re able to do.


Dad’s memory is getting worse and with mom’s hip surgery it’s not as if we’re all going out for anything more than breakfast at the local and favorite bagel place.   The owner’s great and so is the staff and going there is a bit like eating in one of our kitchens-homey and comforting.


This time Sam and I decided to take a couple of extra days rather than drive in Friday afternoon and leave after the shower on Sunday.  Sarah will be flying in from Colorado, where she’s been working hard at training a lot of new employees.   Sam and I know that with her being 6 weeks away from delivery and with my back issues we will need even more stops than we did last time.  We’re hoping to leave Thursday morning before it hits 113 on the car thermometer and arrive by dinner time.


Friday we’ll go get Sarah from the airport.  I’ve got to squeeze in a haircut on Saturday.  No, I still haven’t found a person who can cut my cowlick-laden fine and wavy hair and I’m looking pretty shaggy.


Back to Father’s Day.  I’m hoping that we’ll be able to spend some quality time together.   Same with my mom. 


By the way, this woman is remarkable-according to her physical therapist she’s about a month ahead in the progress of moving from walker to cane-a mere 3 weeks after having 3 screws put into her hip!


I come from a very strong bunch.  Thank goodness, I’m sure I’ll be grateful for the stubborn strength the older I get.


And now for the annual rant about heat:


I’ve got none, really.   I don’t know why-but 80 degrees here feels almost chilly!  My thoughts on that are this:  When its 113 outdoors by 10 a.m. and the thermometer doesn’t dip below a 100 at midnight, 80 really is “chilly”.


Good thing too.  When Steve saw our electric bill in May it was only $136, but this latest one was double that.  He moved up that dial from 78 to 80 in moments.  Plus, he’s no longer letting us open the blinds before 4 in the afternoon.


I did put the kibosh on his latest “plan” to lower the bill when he told me he was going out to buy sheets to adorn the various sliders and windowed doors, above and beyond the blinds that were there to give us more “insulation”.


Really?  Did he actually think I’d go along with that plan?????


While I’m feeling blue about not being with my dad on Sunday, I also need to remember that my own husband will be working all day.  Our son-in-law deserves a good celebration-without his ability to be a good dad our daughter could not have accepted the opportunity to train the new Wells Fargo recruits, Cheers to you Alex!  And we’ll do something for dinner!


And one last mention to Adam, I know you’ll be working too, but get ready because next year you’ll be chasing around Jackson Dale.  He’ll be about 10 months old by then and crawling into trouble wherever he can find it!


Happy Father’s Day to all.

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