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Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm Dragging Here People

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Just In-We've Had a Girl!

I’m back! And it was quite the celebration. For those who haven’t been here or have missed some blogs, I took a brief “time-out” for our son’s wedding and to go on a “grandma” cruise with our daughter and grandsons.
Forget about cramming this blog into one entry!

Nope-isn’t going to happen folks. This week I’ll give you the rundown on the wedding. Now any of you who have been here know I have absolutely no technical talent whatsoever, so you’ll have to go to my FaceBook page and look them up there. I’m simply Carine Weisbrot Nadel over on the site. And I’ve been told it’s no easy fete to find it there either, so you’ve been forewarned.

Here’s the scoop:

On Friday, May 7th my husband and I woke up early and met the almost wed couple for breakfast near their condo at a brand new bagel place. Great bagels, thankfully good coffee and we took some pictures. Just the start of what wound up being over 2000 shots taken amongst family, friends and the photographer’s! Plus my husband was made the official videographer for the event.
After breakfast we went back to pick up our lab and check her into her fancy hotel for the night. Left the cat a big bowl of water and lots of dry food. While at the pet hotel stop, we started calling my husband’s mother and telling her to be ready for pick up (this woman thinks leaving you in the heat for 45 minutes is okay). As with the bridal shower-we told her if she wasn’t ready, she was being left behind. Amazingly, this is now our plan of attack-as she is now aware that we will leave her behind and not feel the slightest remorse.

Our son/daughter-in-law got to Palm Springs first and dropped off the champagne and sparkling cider for the rehearsal dinner. We checked in, gathered our nephew-who had just arrived with his parents (mother-in-law’s babysitters) and we happily went to the wedding rehearsal.

This step went quite smooth-except for the father of the bride being late. Once this was over we left for the Yard House for the rehearsal dinner. For those of you who haven’t heard of it-it’s a brewery/restaurant and rock and roll lovers paradise. The servers were excellent, the food great and everyone loved the atmosphere. We surprised everyone with their own gift of truffles.
A great time was had by all!
The wedding party went back to their villas at the country club and we went with my sister-in-law and met up with our best man/wife (also cousins) and my husband’s aunt. We had a great time chatting until around 10. Then we went back and got some sleep. My husband and I had to be up at 6.

Yes, I said 6. Since losing my “day job”-I’ve been (for the most part) blissfully unaware that there was still such a time on the clock.
We had a small breakfast at the hotel and then sped off to the villas. Hubby went to spend time with the guys while I went to the girls room to get my hair done and take pictures. The photographer did the guys after us.

All too quickly, it was time for the ceremony-in 105 degrees. Everything went beautifully until it was time for the maid of honor to enter while holding our grandsons hands (ring bearers). They didn’t really know her and suddenly they saw 80 people turning around to look at them and they had a meltdown.

Cute and sad at the same time! Our son-in-law went calmly up and got Aidan, the 2 year old and I went up and retrieved Dylan, the 3 year old. He kept crying “I want my mommy”. I showed him where she was and said “come with grandma and I’ll take you right to her.”

The ceremony continued. The reception was wonderful and again, all too short. We all left for home immediately following. Thanks to my husband’s aunt, my sister’s mother-in-law and both my sister/brother-in-law, my husband’s mother had no choice whatsoever but to behave. She was completely surrounded at all times. (I recommend this tactic for any and all difficult family members)
We picked up Sunshine, who was more than happy to go home to her Pepper. The next morning the newlyweds, our daughter and family, my sister and family and parents all met at a restaurant on a local manmade lake for Mother’s Day brunch. It was “FREEZING”. Talk about a parallel universe! It was overcast, blowing miserably and about 60 degrees outside.
Brrr. Then we went to my sister’s to finish celebrating-we had 8 birthdays, a wedding, Mother’s Day and a bon voyage on the slate.

With that said-I said goodbye to my husband and went with our daughter and family and headed for the Port of Long Beach and the Carnival Splendor for a week in the Mexican Riviera.

To hear about that adventure-come back next week!

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