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Thursday, October 13, 2016


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Going potty to the pups is vastly different from what I had a vision of them doing m  

What a Difference in 3 Weeks

Three weeks ago Steve and I added to our family.  We adopted an adorable little Chihuahua mix that has added so much joy to our lives.

We already have no memory of what life was like when our fur babies only totaled two!

Sunshine still has some 'accidents', but she's as sweet as could be and both Lucky and Pepper love her, a lot.

Pepper has decided the best place to sleep in either right next to her tush or on top of her.  Unlike Lucky who once asleep doesn't like to be disturbed, Sunshine actually seems to like having Pepper be that close!

Lucky has deftly taken on the role of "tinier but older sister" to heart.  She bosses Sunshine around in the yard. The other night, during the last potty break of the day, Sunshine hopped the 3' retaining wall and was more interested in finding the lizard that lives there than doing her business-well, Lucky started "talking" to her and seemed to be telling her to get out of there and get with the program.

Her ears perked up, she jumped down and followed Lucky to the exact spot designated and did her thing and ran to the screen door.

Right now, I'm sharing my desk chair with Pepper and Sunshine is right next to me licking his head.  That and cleaning Lucky's ears and eyeballs seem to be her favorite way to show affection to her siblings.

The double leash is working quite well.  Sleeping arrangements on my side are fixed so that all four of us have a spot, while Dad gets the other half of the bed to himself.  Don't know why they don't wish to sleep on that side, but we all seem to get along and get through the night.

We've also noticed some new things:

Lucky takes after her mom and is NOT a morning being. 

Sunshine is a morning being along with her brother.

This means that while Sunshine wakes up with chasing and playing on her mind, Pepper doesn't quite want to share his toys (this is his time to bat those tiny tennis balls all over the house) and Lucky is a complete grump who growls her speech basically telling both of them to leave her alone until she's had a chance to have her food and "coffee".

I totally commiserate with Lucky.  No one wants to be conversing with me the first hour I'm up. 

Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm so pleasant at water aerobics at 9 a.m. without the very needed food and beverage. 

Life is full of love and laughter.  Nothing quite a fun as watching the dynamics of a family change for the better, no?

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