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Friday, September 04, 2009


53 Years of Life

We had an event this week-quite a nice one, the kind you really don’t get to celebrate very often.

My parents celebrated 53 years of marriage.

Most of them in happiness. I, of course, would like to say they were all happy, but none of us are fortunate enough to attest to that. Even when the couples themselves are happy, their surrounding circumstances do try if not the relationship, then their strength as just plain old everyday humans.

My parents have seen the usual ups and downs in finances, family events and friendships that many of us have lived through. They’ve also been through some that most haven’t had to deal with-those events are private and will not be discussed outside the family circle.

What makes my parents special is that no matter what, they did what couples who care about their mates should do-they showed not only love, but respect and loyalty as well. They’ve also been great role models as human beings, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

They’ve been generous to a fault. I say that because there have been times when they’ve “helped” when they shouldn’t have-going without so one of their family members who were in need received that extra hand.

Both devoted their lives to not only their marital union but to their kids and business as well.

Many are the times my mom would make dinner and package both it and my sister and I up and take us down to the “store” (an upholstery shop/furniture store) because my dad was working far into the evening on someone’s job. She did this so he’d have a hot dinner and we could see our dad. Later, they hired my husband and taught him the trade, the product and business skills that he uses on a daily basis in his job right now.

They taught my sister and me that anything worth needing and wanting was worth working hard and honestly for. We in turn, have done our best to pass this much valued lesson down to our children.

Even though neither completed their college educations-they made darn sure the two of us girls did. For that, I for one am eternally grateful. I may not have always used that degree in the vain I meant too, but it gave me the feeling that I had accomplished something that would serve me well my entire life.

I may not have always been as showing verbally or physically as I should have been in letting them in on my pride at being their daughter-so I’m hoping these words give them the knowledge that I have noticed more than I’ve said, loved them more than I show and my greatest hope is that I too will celebrate my 53rd (and hopefully then some) anniversary with my children, grand-children and great-grandchildren around me with the same amount of devotion.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

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