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Friday, September 13, 2019


The Mundane is Truly Exciting!

I like mundane.  I'm into boring.  Really.

While we are still grieving over Pepper's passing, we're thinking about fulfilling our promise to ourselves to finally re-do the floors and the most hideous part of the Master bathroom.  We've decided to make it a Hannukah present to ourselves.

Steve isn't looking forward to it as much as I am-mainly because, let's face it, he's not here about 45 hours of the week and doesn't notice the stench of the few carpets and just how awful the bamboo looks.  Plus, the knowledge that over the last 7 years we've house-trained 2 Chihuahuas (not an easy fete I assure you) and have dealt with the senility factor that was creeping into every moment of our precious Pepper's final few months makes me cringe.

Think about it (sorry, I know this is TMI), the girls have used the carpeting as pet pads on many occasions and all 3 have puked on both hard and soft surfaces.  Would you want to walk in bare feet-anywhere in this house????

Well, I don't.

Honestly, I am not sure what's more cringe-worthy:  carpeting or bamboo that has soaked up all the liquid disgust.

I know you're thinking, when do we get to the title of this blog?

Hear it is-today we're having a professional carpet cleaner come and at least sanitize the master closet and bedroom, the "boys" room and what we have dubbed, "Steve's water room".

Trust me on the last item, you don't want to know.  Let me just inform you that it has nothing to do with Steve having his own personal toilet.

Sam said it beautifully, "all we all have to do when the apocalypse happens is make it down to Mom and Dad's and at least we're assured of having enough water to live on until utilities have been re-stored."

Enough said?

Anyway, as I said, I'm very excited about something as mundane as having clean carpeting.  At least it should be good until the new flooring comes in at the end of the year!

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