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Friday, February 17, 2012


High to Low

From High to Low

Last week my husband and I took off for our favorite “home away from home”-our daughter’s home to help celebrate our grandsons’ birthdays. The little guys aren’t so little anymore. Dylan, 5, is already hitting his shorty grandma mid-chest and “little” Aidan, 4, is only a couple of inches below that.

Our daughter’s doing well on her weight loss program-down 30 pounds and all of us are very proud of her hard work on this accomplishment. Anyone who’s ever been there knows how hard it is; let alone how difficult it is to keep doing in the midst of “party” weekend!

We started out at dawn on Thursday and finally made it to Sarah’s office at 3. We stopped for breakfast, gas (a couple of times) and a few “stretches”. Steve went on to the house and I stayed and went with Sarah to her local Sprouts. We met up with everyone at dinner time. I helped with the sides, the boys set the table and the men handled the BBQ.

Next morning Uncle Adam, Grandpa and I took the boys on an adventure of sorts-I had a meeting with a local editor, but we took them to Sonic for lunch and then met Sarah at Costco afterwards. There were still items that had to be purchased for the Superhero Party the next day. Some good friends and the other grandma came over for dinner.

Now let’s talk about the party-when did kids parties become such a social event? As kids my sister and I were thrilled to have our friends over for cake, ice cream and opening of presents. If our parents added a sleep over or even some lunch, we thought we had to be good for the next year!

Today’s parties are out of hand-2 years ago our daughter rented the park party area, a bouncy, gave the kids a train ride and then lunch and cake. Last year it was “jump it up” with pizza and cake! This year, back to the park, bouncy, train ride, pizza lunch, cake, piñata and A FREAKIN’ MAGICIAN!!!

What will be expected when they’re teenagers????

Rant over. Everyone had a great time. After we cleaned up and brought all the gifts home, we all went to a local burger place for dinner.

Sunday, we all went out for brunch and then to help my husband have fun, we went house hunting. It’s his latest “mission” to uproot our lives and move to Arizona and start new. Really? There are people willing to hire us and let us do that?
We did have some great homes to consider-should the miracle opportunity arise.
I have a gripe though-why is it so many of the places we looked at think that we: A-want subpar plastic tubs and surrounds, B-cheap toilets, C-homes that have no natural light and D-What is this trend throughout the valley to NOT have shelving in the lower kitchen cabinets????

Those are my questions-anyone have an answer?

Monday, Adam, Steve and I got up and packed the car. Sarah had the day off so she and the boys joined us for one more breakfast and then they went home sad and teary and we left for home. We too were a bit on the sad and teary side.

Visits are always too short. And then as if that wasn’t enough-I looked down and as usual checked my tennis bracelet-one of my stones fell out.

Talk about a kick in the pants. First, no more little boy hugs until April and then, my husband’s 25th anniversary gift to me loses a stone.

Now I’ve got 2 lumps to try and swallow.

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