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Friday, February 11, 2011


Vinegar-It isn't always Sour

My son and daughter-in-law bought me a tasty treat-read about it in the cooking half of What's cooking:  


There’s nothing like meeting interesting people to make you realize you’re NOT working up to your true potential in life-it’s like getting a kick in the pants you’ve been needing for a while.

Why do I say that?

Let me fill you in on the fascinating people I’ve had the honor of talking too since my plane touched down at John Wayne Airport on the 31st of last month:

Besides the bevy of friendly and helpful editors-I should say up front!

My first was a delightful talk about art with the renowned Tim Clark. He not only told me about his career as an artist, but as a teacher for Yale and several famous art schools in the eastern part of the country. He’s amazed because he gets to teach in the very rooms that Norman Rockwell and Jason Pollack honed their skills.

Later that same day, a perky single out-of-work mom who is risking it all to create a website to help her religious community (and later everyone, she hopes)have a safe and reliable place to find all their party needs for all the life-cycle events that many of us share-weddings, births, special anniversaries and more.

Then I talked to an art teacher and her students who are dedicating themselves to re-furbishing 4 metal butterfly sculptures in our Community Center. All are donating their time and energies in their free time.

And if that isn’t enough to make you feel lazy-I talked to an 80 year old widow who decided to start working out at the gym after her husband died 3 years ago. She got hooked on the rowing machines and (hold on, cuz you will feel so disgusted with yourself) broke a record in 10-1/2 months: this petite mother of 7 and former registered nurse, rowed 2,043,538 meters!!!

Plus, on her 80th birthday-she went sky diving. Her new goal is to go on every birthday. I’m not even going to regale you about her zip-lining adventures.

My week continued with a fun hour chatting with an 89 year old who was a real live “Rosie the Riveter”. Except her name is Marie and now that her husband has passed, she’s decided to take up computer science and has a FaceBook page.

I also talked to a woman, who after 20 years of running a pretty large theater housed in a very big retirement community, is retiring and as the saying goes “getting out of Dodge.” Except that it’s Laguna Woods. Originally from New Zealand and here in the states since the mid-70’s, she’s decided to more to Dorset, England and live in a cottage on one of her daughter’s property and start a whole new chapter of her life now that she turned 67.

Meeting new people is wonderful-it opens your mind to all the new possibilities that are out there-of course, as with anything, you have to be willing to see them and brave enough to give them a try.

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