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Sunday, September 17, 2017



This week is filled with wonderful and sad memories.

Today, 20 years ago, after losing our 1st precious Lucky, we went to a rescue event and fell in love with our first Sunshine.  My very first blog was about giving her a shower with Steve's help.  Our Sunshine still, after passing 7 years ago, still brings on tears of missing her because she really was something very, very special.

Perfectly behaved, a real talker, great with kids of all ages, loved her Pepper (in fact, it was her love that gave him the chance to win us all over!) and us.

I can still remember her watching Dylan on the floor of our family room, he had just begun sitting and she was watching him intently and making sure he didn't fall.  Didn't care about her fur being pulled.  Then she stood up and got her favorite toy, a doggy sized soccer ball and brought it over to him and dropped it in his lap.  Then starting telling him in clear doggy speak-throw my ball, let's play!  Dylan laughed at her and enjoyed the puppy kisses and nuzzles.

You all can tell by my posts that we dearly and completely love Pepper, and namesakes Lucky and Sunshine, our love in unconditional and forever-but Sunshine #1 still brings tears to our eyes at the realization that she really is gone.

What makes this week doubly difficult is that not only did we adopt her this week in 1997, but we lost her 3 days after her 15 "birthday" with us.  The high and the low in 72 hours.

Given her personality I'm sure she would have adored the pups that now play with her very well behaved and very senior tabby. She's probably watching from over the rainbow bridge admiring that he has tried to use some of the same playing moves to dogs that are 1/5 of her size and shining that smile that lit up our home all those years.

While I type this tribute to a wonderful family member and bawl my eyes out-I can also look at the three loves in front of me and know that they'll be getting more than the usual amounts of hugs, pets and kisses this week.

I wish you all a family pet that adds so much to your lives that you feel the same amount of both despair of their loss and the love you felt for many, many years.

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