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Friday, January 02, 2015


Another Year To Ponder

And So It Begins

Here we all are, starting off an entire new year and hoping for the best.

Yesterday, we had freezing temps here in North Phoenix.  The day before we had snow.  We all know I did NOT move to the face of the sun for the cold weather. 

Our New Year’s Eve was pretty kid-friendly.  I managed to stay up until almost 11.  Quite a fete, really.  The boys fell into dreamland at 10:30.  Our community center had quite the shindig, despite the freezing temps and the snow flurries!  They put out a plastic ice-skating rink, ran Frozen for the kids, dancing for the adults and shot off the fireworks that couldn’t be used on July 4th (we had that flood producing monsoon!).  We heard the noise but we sure weren’t going outside to watch.


Lucky and Pepper only wanted to be held under the blankets.  Can’t blame them-I was pretty well wrapped up in my thermal pjs, a robe and a couple of throws myself and had them on my lap.


New Year’s Day had Steve rushing out the door by 8-he had to be at work (his usual day off) to help with the first sale of 2015.  He had a great day, so it was a blessing.  I fed the boys and took them back to Sarah, ran a couple of errands and then tried to stay warm for about the third day in a row.


This morning was Steve’s 58th birthday.  The boys came in and the 4 of us went to Denny’s to celebrate.  Steve then went on to work while the boys and I went to the car agency to finally get my replacement CD and radio.


I’d say more about this except that I tend to become incredibly and caustically sarcastic when I’m angry-so I’m just going to zip my mouth and breathe deep.  Really, really deep.

I’m also trying to focus on the up part of this latest experience-the new unit does work.


This next week (actually 2) is filled with lots of interviews for upcoming articles, physical therapy and the boys-somewhere in all this I also want to get the family together to give Steve the birthday celebration he deserves.

So here’s to 2015, may it be much better than last year and not as good as 2016.

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