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Saturday, January 26, 2019


It Figures

Our fur babies are so funny!

I wrote a good while back that we bought actual dog beds for the girls and tried to get Pepper to use one-Sunshine immediately did the "Chihuahua" dig in one and created numerous cuts into the fabric and the foam!  Lucky is a lot smaller, so while she did the dig-she didn't add to the holes.  Pepper stiffened like a kid in their first winter coat and ran!

We still have the two pillows on the leather sofa by the slider and we have two blankets on the reclining sofa.  The most expensive of the beds was the one that had the holes (figures).  So we threw a blanket on it.

If you know anything about small dogs, it's that they love to "bury" themselves.  Even if they're wearing jackets.  It should be of no surprise to you for me to say that the girls kept throwing the blanket around until they covered themselves and then slept on the tears.

The other beds?  Sometimes they'll sit in them, most of the time-NO.

The same holds true for the rest of our pet room (i.e. the family room where we mostly live).  It looks like we run a pet hotel.  3 beds on the floor, 2 big pillows on the one side and numerous blankets on the other.

And where or where do they spend most of their time?

If I'm not otherwise busy with whatever it is I'm doing and I actually sit down-all three animals find a way to sit on me.  They do the same at night in bed.  Steve gets an entire 1/2 of a king size bed to himself while I am surrounded by the adoration of my own personal posse.

Not that I'd trade a single minute of it for the world.

But here's the kicker-with all I just described, guess where Lucky likes to lay when not perched on her mother?

I use a stroller for our walks (its a two fold use:  I get the use of a "cane" and when Lucky gets tired, she has a cart) and I put yet another throw blanket in the seat for Lucky.

When I leave the house,  she actually uses her paws and pulls that blanket out of the stroller and with the help of her sister, they spread it out in front of the laundry room door.  That's where I come in from the garage!

So whenever I come home, they're just getting up and uncovering themselves and run to me.

Amazing.  All these padded comfy beds and they'd rather be on the floor sharing one blanket and stare at the door awaiting my return!

Is there anything better?

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