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Friday, October 29, 2010


Cornbread for that Chili

We talked about making chili on Monday-what goes better with it than some cornbread?

check it out:  


If someone were to ask me what my biggest downfall is I could very quickly answer with one word: IMPATIENCE

I’m awful at waiting. Really awful.

Honestly, I think the reason my children were born early is because I simply didn’t want to wait the required 40 weeks to meet them. That and at 5’1”-I was sick of waddling back and forth to the bathroom.

If patience is truly a virtue-then I guess I’d have to say I have a major fault. My husband, even after 30 years, still gets irritated when I get irritated because he doesn’t get up and fulfill a request as soon as I ask him to do something for me.

It usually goes something like this:

“Honey, I need the huge stock pot over the fridge, would you please get it down? I need it to start that pot of gumbo for dinner.”

“Do you need it now?”

“Yes, you’re leaving for work and I need it before you leave. Otherwise, I’ll have to bring the ladder in and then you’ll be upset if I hit a wall or something else.”


But do I get the pot????? 9 out of 10 times-NO!

I usually find that the request flew out of his head as soon as I kissed him goodbye and went to do something else.

Then I grumble and grouse while I’m trying to get to the cabinet that is incredibly out of my reach without killing myself. This is followed by a phone call asking him “honey, did you forget to do something?”

Then he has the nerve to become upset with me! Let me see-seafood is defrosted, veggies prepped, seasonings ready to go and I have no pot. And I had to get the 5 step foot stool to climb on and get what I need.

He actually has the nerve to ask why I just couldn’t wait until he came home!

My mindset is this-if I didn’t need the request done right when I ask for it, I wouldn’t ask. Same with the nightly struggle to get him to the dinner table. My husband takes up to a half hour to put his lunch bag down, take off his tie, wash up and then pace back and forth for the remaining 20 minutes doing absolutely nothing other than making me wait.

When the kids lived with us we’d all be sitting at the table, hungry with plates of food served because he said “just serve it, I’ll be there in 2 seconds.”

Our son-in-law timed his “2 seconds” once-it was 32 minutes.

I’m talking about impatience because it’s on my mind. I needed to interview someone for a couple of stories. I was told the person of interest had a direct phone line and was also given her e-mail. Wanting to get the stories done, I both called and left notes for her-letting her know of my (self) imposed deadlines.

After 24 hours, I had heard nothing-nada!

I called back; repeating that I really needed to speak to her or send her the questions if that would be easier for her.

Still I waited.

I called the main office back and asked if the lady was there or if someone else would be able to assist me. No. She was the person I needed to get the answers from and I was promised they would walk over to her desk and let her know personally of my needs.

Oh-then they gave me some fairly important news: she was on vacation!


I’m beginning to think that I may be the only person who takes requests with a deadline attached seriously. I’m also beginning to think that the statement should be “flipped” and it’s really impatience that should be commended.

At least my stories would be finished and I wouldn’t be in a bit of a cross mood.

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