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Saturday, June 16, 2018


I'm Not Happy

My husband Steve has been bellyaching for a very long time about the price of cable TV.  But being a woman of little tech savvy, I kept on telling him that "all I want to do is be able to take 1 remote and turn on the TV and watch something without needing a degree in engineering and computer programming to accomplish this feat".

Well, last week dearest hubby said, "This is costing us a small fortune!  I'm cutting the cable cord and we're getting DirectTVNow".

I so far am NOT impressed.  First of all, there appears to be no shortcuts to get to a channel.  It also doesn't tell you if the episode is new or old.  Everything is alphabetical (which is good), but you have to scroll through the 80 stations (the amount we chose) to find what (if anything) you want to watch.

It also takes 2 remotes.  If that isn't enough, this "TV" runs through the internet, so we can't watch TV and do anything on our computers/tablets/phones at the same time or everything "buffers".

Case in point:  The other night Steve was working late and I wanted to watch 48 HOURS: NCIS
Do you know what it's like trying to watch a news report when the TV stops about every 2-4 minutes and says "thank you for your patience, we will finish loading soon"???

Trying to learn something complicated just for the sole purpose of sitting down and relaxing seems stupid to me.  While walking with my girlfriend the other morning I was lamenting my husband's latest stab at saving money and she totally agreed with me.  "Why should we have to go through hoops to veg out?  Doesn't that take away the purpose of turning it on?"

Both men are named Steve-so is this a "Steve" thing to have to zig-zag through life?  Of course, our son gave up cable a long time ago and just has Netflix streaming.  His reasoning is that since he has two little kids, when do he and Sam ever get to watch anything other that the allotted programming for kids?

All I know is, I don't like this new money saving idea one bit.  What I'm hoping is that someday really soon Steve will put on some crappy movie that he's got a penchant for watching and it does NOTHING but buffer on him.

That sounds childish I'm sure, but quite frankly I don't care, not even if it's Father's Day weekend.

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