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Friday, June 18, 2010


Snacking on the Run

Closing out my series on diabetes, we're talking about how to snack while on the run:  

Another Holiday?

It snuck up on me-sort of. Father’s Day that is-I know, I know it comes every year at this time. This year I did not one, but two stories relating to this holiday. One on the proverbial “what can I give dad that isn’t a tie” type of thing and another one on dads who are also pros in the parenting field sharing their favorite parenting tool.

So, how did I get to the point where it was mid-week and not have cards ready? Don’t know. Can’t say.

In fact-I realized that this year I was going to have to mail one to our son-in-law now that they’ve moved 300 miles away. All right, I just realized it now –as I’m typing this, so I guess that’s my next thing to do is get his card picked out, personalized and sent over via snail mail to the man who helped give me the title of grandma!

Here, well who knows what’s going on? By now we’ve usually decided if we’re doing brunch or dinner. (By the way, I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon) So far, nada folks.

Maybe it’s because my husband worked 15 days in a row and he’s exhausted. So my main concern is making sure I actually get him to just rest up a tad. Or maybe it’s because my nephew is graduating from high school and that’s another celebration coming up just a few days after Father’s Day.

It could just be that I didn’t really think about this Father’s Day because I’m out of ideas!

I’m so happy that my father is still here and able to enjoy Father’s Day-he’s 81 now. It’s always hard to know what to get my dad, or my mom (she’s got her 80th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks too) for that matter. They always seem to not need anything, they also tell us not to buy them gifts-just get to-gether for a meal.

I did manage on mother’s day to surprise my mom with a replacement piece of cookware that she said she missed and saw something similar of in Sur La Table’s window. Since she doesn’t cook all that much anymore, it was more of a comfort present than anything else.

Dad doesn’t have anything he’s been missing or needing.

As for my husband, well he’s in need of the usual suspects: tee shirts and underwear, but that really doesn’t sound very romantic, now does it? He’s got plenty of cologne, pjs, socks, dress shirts and pants. He doesn’t really have any hobbies outside of watching movies-we have Netflix, so we’re covered there.

Also, I have to admit-while my husband, son and daughter have excellent tastes in gifts, I’ve never had that talent. Wish I did, believe me, it would make my life so much easier.

What I do know is that my dad loves my rosemary-pepper biscotti, so I’ll make him a batch to call his own. Hubby is a complete carnivore-so I guess I’ll make him a meal with a rib roast as the center piece. Son-in-law, well sorry guy-too far to send you a batch of your favorite cookies or brownies-but I’ll let you chose a meal when you all come out in August, okay?

And me-guess I’d better get cracking on getting those cards picked, personalized and printed!

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