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Saturday, May 04, 2019


From the High to the Low

This week had it's highs and lows for me.

Saw the pulmonologist for my regular "valley fever" appointment.  My lungs sounded "clear"!  So to verify she sent me for blood work and x-rays.  I asked if this means I could either stop taking the dreaded Diflucan (which has made me lose my eyebrows, most of my eyelashes, thinned out my hair, chapped my lips to literally the breaking point and made my skin look flaky dry) or at least lower the dose?

She said if the x-ray is clear and then the blood work matches then yes.

Can I hear a woot, woot?????

That was my high!  Went to the radiology department and took the x-ray.  I (in my amateur diagnostician view) had a right lung that looked pretty darn good!  But of course it was up to the pulmonologist to agree.  Then I went and had the blood work done.  Check list complete, I just had to wait.

X-ray came back that while my lung still had a tiny nodule in both the upper and lower quadrants and scar tissue-it was otherwise "normal".

If my foot, knees and back would have agreed-I would have been doing the happy dance!

Let's just leave it that I just was very happy on my face!  Plus, I was one step closer to lowering the dose of the Diflucan!!!

Problem.  Bloodwork didn't come back as positive as the x-ray.  BUMMER!!

Sigh.  Pulmonologist said that I was still active and that I had to stay on the present dose.

There's the low of my week.   I was already thinking, "I might have eyebrows and normal skin by our 39th anniversary cruise".  This dashed my hopes.  Another 3 months on this dose, more blood work and then maybe, if my body would just allow itself to "heal" (no cure, but I'll take enough to change the dose) then I can drop the dose to see if my lungs can handle it.

Not sure if it's my age, my demeanor or just being real, but I'm going to keep thinking positive thoughts and hope for the best.  This can't "get" me unless I let it.

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