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Friday, January 25, 2008



Today is our first grandchild’s very first birthday. He is NOT a big brother, yet. That will happen any minute (literally) now. For now though he is the one and only apple of our eyes.


Dear Dylan,
How can it already be a full year since you made you big debut? You were 18” long and 4 pounds, 14 ounces. When we were able to see you for the first time you were hooked up to what looked like every possible machine that the nursery’s ICU owned. Even with all that equipment, we saw only you and you melted our hearts.

You hit every landmark first on time or early. Sitting at six months, crawling by seven. At ten months those of us who know you best could decipher bits of vocabulary: thank you (manners are of the utmost importance), mamma, dada, nanny (your dog Brianna and our Sunshine), nana for your grandmas and sort of Uncle Adam. I am quite proud to say I taught you to fake sneeze (seems I’m quite hilarious when I say it) and to follow it with a cute “bless you”.

Since baby food is no longer, you’ve learned to open wide and stick out your tongue to let us know that it’s safe to give you more edibles to chew on. Those 3 teeth sure do their job well.

When you laugh it’s one that has gives us all complete joy. It’s contagious to say the least. The sense of humor you have is adorable.

You’ve changed your parents from being a couple to a family. They may not be sure (who is?) of life, but they are very confident and secure in their love and devotion to you.

They’re not the only ones you’ve changed! Your Uncle Adam dotes on you. You’ve got a great-aunt and cousins who would love to see you more. Great-grandparents who are brimming with pride.

Then, while I cannot speak on behalf of all your immediate grandparents-I can definitely say you’ve changed the three of us. You’ve changed your maternal grandparents into doters who have photo albums ready to show to complete strangers at a moments notice. Obviously, “Nana” Carine writes many more sentimental articles that she ever thought she was capable of putting on paper (or the internet). Your grandpa made it his mission starting with your first breath to capture as much as possible on his cameras to make a video of your first year. And he’s already purchased another card to do so for your second year and begin one for your about to be baby brother-Aidan James.

So here you are dear Dylan, one year old-22 pounds and 27 ½ “tall. The joy and love you’ve added to our lives is monumental. What in the world did we ever do without you?

Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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