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Friday, June 01, 2012



Do You Like Changes?

As we go through life, changes are bound to happen.  Big. Little.  Good. Bad. But the question I’m wondering is:  Do you embrace them?  Or do you try your best to run in the other direction?

Of course, this probably depends on what the changes are and if you have brought them about.  It’s one thing to change where you work-IF you’re the one who initiated the change.  It’s a whole other feeling if it’s because you’ve been down-sized out of a position that you felt was your dream job.

Case in point:  My husband loved being a corporate trainer for a company that he had been with for almost a decade.  Then the owners retired and he was one of the few in the main office that still had a job (of sorts) when they retired and the main corporation bought them out.

He was given a choice of two positions, both of them not exactly what he wanted to do.  However the third option was, “goodbye and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

So I’d say he has neither embraced nor made a U-turn. 

I wasn’t given a choice when my “day job” ended; just found myself without a job.  In a way, I did embrace the change.  I missed what I was doing, but decided it was the push I had been side-stepping to really try and write full time.  My reasoning?  “If not now, when?”

It hasn’t worked out the way I planned financially, but I do love what I’m doing.  Every day is something new and different and it fulfills my love of learning and meeting interesting people.

Now in a totally different realm of change, we love to watch House Hunters International and we find ourselves looking at some of these people and can’t help but think:  what the heck are they thinking?

My example on this?  The other night a young couple who had just graduated college and had never lived together decided to move to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Why?  They just wanted too.  No job, no money, no plan-just thought it would be cool.

Really?  They rented a place and adopted a dog.  Still no job.   Now some of you may be saying, “Good for them.  They’re young and this will be a fantastic learning experience.”  While others may be saying, “Are they crazy?  It’s an island with only so many jobs!  What are they going to do for money?  And they adopted a dog?  How irresponsible is this?”

Since I’m more on the later part of the feeling, I’m also wondering, “Who’s paying their way and for how long?”

If they were independently wealthy and wanted to do this-great. But I have to wonder what both sets of parents said and agreed to on this whole experience?

So here it is I’d love for you all to think over how changes affect you and whomever you reside with and let me know-how do you handle major changes in your life?

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