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Thursday, November 29, 2012


AZ has a funny way of welcoming a person

Welcome to Arizona


Last entry-I told about not having a bedroom set, a desk, a bed, etc…


Well, I’m here to tell you the week really got better-NOT.


Nope.  On Friday, our daughter stopped by with our younger grandson to help a bit with the unpacking.  After she left to go pick up our older dividend she called in hysteria-they suspended him for three days.  There is a zero tolerance rule and he broke it.  Seems he hid a bubble gun in his backpack and a kid in afterschool care convinced him to take it out.


That didn’t go over well-you see a week before a kid got suspended for bringing a toy gun that didn’t look like a toy and he got booted as well.  All the teachers had a talk with their classes about not bringing “weapons” to school.


So Dyl got some quality time with grandma and Auntie Sam.  Then there was yet another emotional outburst.  Nothing anyone needs to know-just accept that it wasn’t fun.  Thanksgiving was pleasant and no major “oops” were even close to happening for me to make some satirical remark on-it was just a nice afternoon.


Then came Black Friday.  It was black alright.  And then some.


It started out okay.  Steve had to work, so I grabbed my coupons and headed to several stores.  There’s a plus-we live in a fairly unpopulated area so I didn’t have to fight any crowds.  Got in and out of 4 stores in about an hour.


The rest of my day was just making yet another trip into our Super Wal-Mart for pick up items.  Then I was told to go to our son’s store (he manages the La-Z-Boy Bedroom and Dining store) to pick out the bedroom set and bed.




It was dark now.  My husband and son had parked in the back.  My car was in the front.  I didn’t get a half mile away when I was hit head on by a stupid guy in a large Silverado truck.  I say stupid because he was speeding on a red light with his kid in the cab.


I heard the hit and the next thing I knew was that two good Samaritans were knocking on my window asking me if I was trapped because my car was smoking and I had to get out.


I had enough sense left to phone my husband and tell him I was hit and to come back.  The two strangers got me out.  By then the fire and police had descended on me and then the EMTs.


That was really fun. 


I’ll spare the details.  Suffice to say my husband and son got back to the spot.  I am one very lucky woman.  The front of my PT Cruiser was completely crushed.  It’s totaled and worth nothing, since it was almost 10 years old.


Sigh.  I really loved that car.


But-somehow, while I am one big ball of bruises, bumps, air bag burns and lots of pain, I didn’t break a single bone!


I think by now you all know I’m more of a spiritual than a real religious person-but I am thinking that God must be there because the look of my former front end tells me I shouldn’t be here to write this entire entry.


Oh, and through all of this-I turned 55.  Wow, I hope from this point on-the activity of this year slows down.  Because I think I’ve had all the “fun” I can handle for now.  

The Addams Family, snap, snap!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the star of The Addams Family-Doug Sills-read all about his take on protraying not one, but 2 iconic actors in an iconic role:

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