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Friday, October 19, 2018


There Must Be Something in the Air

As you can see, this week hasn't really found me thinking that life will be improving soon.

Let me start with the fact that last week after I went to my pain management appointment and the doctor really didn't know what he could do to help (especially after I nixed having cables/electronic probes put into my degenerative spine), he told me my blood pressure was way too high and to call my GP.

I did.  The e-mail came back in under an hour-I had to promise her to monitor my BP a few times a day and if it continued to be as high as it had shown I was to go either to the Urgent Care or Emergency.

That didn't really set my mind at ease or help lower my levels.

In fact, Monday I was feeling really, really awful.  My head was pounding, I felt like throwing up, I was light-headed and didn't even want to try going to water aerobics.  That probably tells you a lot.  I took my BP:  180/88.

I threw on my shoes and did what I promised my GP I'd do.  I stupidly drove myself to the Urgent Care 1-1/2 miles down the road.  They took me right in.  Seems it was even worse on the in-house medical cuff.  200/110.  Yep, I nearly stroke out!  They wanted to call an ambulance and send me to the hospital, I begged for them to do something a bit less drastic.

They said they'd give me what they had, hold me for a couple of hours and monitor me, but if it didn't work-I still might be in for a ride to the hospital.  Thankfully, at the end of the two hours I was now at 160/70.  Still quite high, but I got to go home w/ a prescription for medication, an appointment to follow up with my GP and I had to promise to do nothing for the rest of the week.  Continue monitoring my BP every morning too.

There was a fun way to spend a Monday.  NOT!

Then I went to the foot/ankle guy.  Now mind you I've been complaining about the pain in my right foot since probably before we went on our cruise way back in April, but it's been getting even more intense lately.

Seems that it's another conundrum.  The doctor said I obviously have RA and OA near the original break site.  I also have a recurrence of the RSD-hence all the spasms.  But he's also thinking that even though the x-ray didn't show anything in particular, his actual exam has him deciding between a stress fracture or my valley fever disseminating into my stupid foot.

Either way, he sent me home wearing this lovely stylish (NOT) boot for the next 5 weeks.  When I return, he's hoping that I'll feel less pain or here comes yet another fun MRI.

Great, just great.

Then came Wednesday-I was in for another fun morning taking an MRI (2nd in 8 months) for my back.  Seems spine surgeons don't want to speak with you if your prior test is over 6 months old.

So here I am, a month out from turning 61.  I'm walking in a cement shoe, making sure to rest and keep my feet up and wondering, "How in the world did I get here?"

Here's to next week-it's got to get better.

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