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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Anyone up for a Wash?

Nothing Wrong With a Good Wash

A couple of weeks ago our older grandsons, Dylan and Aidan, had a half day at school and I picked them up before lunch.  It was cold!  One of our very rare 47 degree days and they asked to go to the park.


Not wanting to sit in the house myself, but not wanting to sit at the park in the cold and wind either I made the ever famous parental promise of “let’s have lunch and see if it warms up.  If it does, then yes, we’ll even take Lucky!”


After lunch was eaten and dishes put away-we took the “temperature” check while Lucky took a potty break in the yard.  It was still pretty cool-my phone said we had now hit 52 at 1 p.m...


It was either we all bundled up or (Lord help me!) sit in house while the boys played PBS kids games on my computer, colored or watched TV.


I opted for the first.  We put on coats and gloves (Lucky just her jacket) and we walked across to the pocket park.  I looked at the boys and said, “you know, I’ve lived here a year and I don’t know what’s in the wash-why don’t we take a hike?”

They thought this was a good idea and off we trucked down to what was the closest thing to a path.  At the fork, Aidan decided we should go left-as long as the next time Dylan could pick to go right.

Off we went.  It was beautiful out there.  Lots of Saguaro cacti, lots of other desert flora.  We also saw a few teenagers who were going in the opposite direction.  And one very retro dune buggy.  We all just kept walking.


Then I looked left and realized that I could see our friends’ backyard!  Uh-oh.  In “beeline” terms-we were at least 2 or more miles from home!  I didn’t tell the boys.  But I did say we need to look for the path back to home. 


Thankfully Aidan found one a few minutes later.  Yep, there was our friends home-about a ¼ of a mile going back toward our home!  Then it happened.

First, the 1-1/2 year old Chihuahua gave up and cried to be picked up.  Then the 6 year old said he was tired and wanted to rest, followed by his 5 year old brother.


I just kept saying things such as:  “If I can make it, so can you”, “You mean the two of you are going to let your arthritic and old grandma out walk you?”  And, “Listen boys, we don’t have too much farther to go and it’s hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies when we get there.”


It was working, in spurts.  Except Lucky didn’t care.  I wound up carrying my 6-1/2 pound pup all two miles.

I thought they’d take a nap.  No.  Warned our daughter that they’d probably be willing to go to bed really early and would sleep well too.  No.


All in all, the 4 of us had a good time, enjoyed finding out what was on the “other side of our street” and yes, we’re looking forward to going toward the right very soon.


This time though-I’m setting a timer for 20 minutes.

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