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Thursday, November 03, 2016


How Did November Arrive?

Here's hoping all of you had a great Halloween!

I was prepared with a few big bags of treats.  With my trusty glider pillow under one arm, bowl of candy being held mid-body, phone in one pocket and keys in the other pulling my shorts down from my waist to my hips-I waited for the yearly "spook" fest to begin at 5:45 on my porch.

At 6 p.m. no one had come around.  A neighbor (who lives closer to Adam and Sam) asked if I'd seen any kids?  She hadn't seen a single costumed goblin either!

Finally at 6:15 3 kids showed up.  Then another five minute gap and another half dozen or so came by.  Then nothing until a heard a very familiar voice from mid-way down the block:


Yes, Jackson was so high on excitement that he just couldn't contain himself.  He proudly told me, "I brought my baby sister, Bryce too!"  No mention of mom, dad or his grandma Linda.  Tells you the "pecking order", no?

Plus, his object of interest (Grandpa) was at work, so the conversation was kept fairly brief.

Jackson went as an astronaut and Bryce was his personal star.  After they left, I realized I hadn't taken any photos!  Oops!

The older boys were doing Halloween with their father and we didn't see them at all until Wednesday.

By 8 our trick-or-treating had come to an end.  One bag of candy hadn't even been used up.  I took back the rest of the bags the next day and switched it out for more "urine b gone" spray (just when you think that house-training is officially over-you find out it really isn't). 

Our friend up the street said the same.  In total I know I gave out under 100 pieces of candy!  Last year we went through 2 bags and closed the doors at 9.  The first year we were here and we had no idea there were that many kids in all of the community known as Anthem/New River!

Guess the kids are getting older. Since we don't really have much in the way of "turnover" moving that makes sense.

Lucky and Sunshine whined through the door and I could hear them scratching.  I'm sure they recognized Jackson's voice and wanted to come out and play.  Pretty sure Pepper fled for the comfort of his cat condo in our bedroom (that's the farthest point from the front of the house).  I called for him when I came in and still didn't see him for about an hour.

And then as fast as Halloween started, it was over and it was November!

I am 2 weeks away from celebrating my last year in my 50's decade.  Whoa!  That is a frightening thought.  In 19 days, we will celebrate Bryce's first birthday.  This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for-it just seems that the year has passed at something past lightning or warped speed.

Speaking of Thanksgiving-I've decided to really toss things in the air!  I'm not making a whole turkey.  NOPE.  I've decided to make a turkey breast and a ham.  There I said it-no whole turkey to fret over as to whether it will be juicy or dry.  No hours trying to get help pulling it in and out of the oven to baste.  And thankfully, this will mean I won't have to try disguising the leftover dried out breast meat to fool Steve into eating it until it's gone.

I'm a rebel and I'm not apologizing for it.

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