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Friday, November 16, 2018


Diva Like Her Auntie

Bryce loves her potty party outfit from Auntie!  

And the "Fun" Continues...

Despite the usual medical nonsense, I did make the planned girls' trip to Rocky Point, Mexico with Sarah, my sister and a friend of Sarah's.  Didn't know what to expect, but the area was gorgeous, food great and the resort very well appointed.

We started with lunch at a local place known for specialty tacos.  On  Sarah's advice, I tried the tongue and the Al Pastor.  Both were excellent.  I wasn't sure about the tongue-as my only reference for that was as a child having to eat some from a local deli.  It didn't go over well.  This was very tender and flavorful. Since it went so well and the resort had two other versions offered at Sunday brunch, I tried it there and was very happy!  One was in a green chili and the other was done as a Sonoran BBQ.

Throughout the weekend, my sister and I realized that at our ages, we weren't going to risk swimming in the beautiful but extremely cold pools.  We did manage to do one water aerobics class.  It wasn't anything like the ones at home, but we felt quite virtuous about getting in the cold water and getting through it.

I had to go through the entire weekend still wearing the dreaded "boot".  That was a bit of a bummer because this ruled out walks on a really nice beach.

Once home things went right back to dealing with medical issues.  I've now had the first set of gel injections to the knees and presently giving my foot a chance at showing me it won't be giving me the same amount of grief without the removable cast.

Last week was also "D-Day" with the pain management doctor who decided that I needed to see a spine surgeon.  He's thinking that if my rather fragile spinal column has the ability to grow bone that a fusion might help some of the rather painful issues.  That comes up in a couple of weeks.

Next week is just filled with fun:  pulmonologist, podiatrist and another round of gel shots.

I took a look at the calendar-good thing I'm unable to work, I could never fit in any real job with my schedule.

Oh-I also am turning another year older this weekend.  Can't say as I don't feel every bit of those 61 years.  Sigh.

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