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Friday, October 15, 2010


And the Survey says-

Were you one of the respondents to my survey on the flipside? Here are the results:  

I've Been Hit

I’ve Been Hit

Yes, I’ve been hit-last week I was meeting a friend from high school for breakfast at a new bagel/coffee place. We were chatting, catching up and having a good time.

Suddenly-I saw spots, got very dizzy, couldn’t hear her very well and thought-“I’m going to blow, right here”. Plus, I was drenched in a cold sweat. Fainting was NOT far behind.

Scared the pants right off both my girlfriend and me. After a few minutes I started to come back. Still didn’t feel terrific, but at least I knew I wasn’t going to pass out. We left in our different directions.

I made it home and changed out of my sweat soaked clothes and into my pjs. I proceeded to do my usual Friday postings, answered e-mails and did a bit of work when I realized everything hurt.

Not my normal RA achiness, but the type that says “hey, stupid-you’re running a fever, go take something for that.” I was also feeling incredibly green and the clammy sweats had come back. Plus, now the RA pain had arrived with a vengeance-to the point where a painkiller, heating pads and pain patches were NOT making a difference.

I’m also sure the 4 days without a drop of sleep due to that pain didn’t help the situation.


I somehow made it through the day-laundry, made dinner-even walked! Probably all bad moves. Saturday came and I carried on with my husband and our errands. Sunday, I wasn’t feeling great but met up with the extended family for a birthday brunch for my sister.

Monday arrived and I still was running the low grade temp, feeling green and in pain. I still hadn’t slept. The rheumy decided a round of prednisone was in order to get the pain/inflammation under control, but made me promise to go see my new GP-because “fainting and clammy sweats are not normal after this many days.”

Doesn’t he realize I don’t like to see other doctors? Okay, I’m always a good patient. I made the appointment.

Problem-that threat my body kept giving me with the constant state of the greenies-well, it made good on it-all day Tuesday I spent getting to know all 3 of my toilets in an intimate sense.

By mid-week, my ribs were so sore I wasn’t sure if they or my raw throat would make it until the doctor’s appointment.

Being a person who loves their morning coffee as much as breathing-you can’t imagine how this week also felt when ginger ale and mint tea were not staying down.

I managed to get to the doctor’s appointment. Nice woman, I’ll try to like her and remember she is my “go to” person-after the rheumy.

Not a surprise-this is the “latest” bug. My biggest enemy is besides getting it (lord only knows where-my husband, Steve, didn’t have it), it’s a given that the RA will flare, because of all the germs.

I don’t really care where I got it, only that at some point it will leave.

My suggestion-where a mask, cuz when you’ve been hit with this even after almost a week, saltines don’t look so appetizing.

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