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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life is full of tests. Especially as we get older. Maybe it's due to being a "baby boomer", maybe it's the old teacher in me, but I'm ready to start grading the three top exams: Physical, Mental and Financial.

Even though financial is probably the most important to consider, I'll tackle this part of the grading first. It's not really that difficult, mainly because my feeling is-IT'S NO ONE'S BUSINESS!! Unless, you ask someone to help pay for your existence due to foolish mistakes/expenditures. Then the people you ask deserve the right to delve into where you went wrong. They also have the right to put you on a strict budget and not let you do what you want to do anymore. After all, now you are stretching their funds and possibly their retirement/good times. For grading-it's either PASS or FAIL. You know where you fall on this particular chart.

Physical-My strapping, handsome husband gets an "A". I'd add the "+", but with his latest foray of moving his mom, he's been falling asleep during our evening prime-time programming and snoring louder-plus I think I saw a twitch forming in his left eye.

A close friend who just celebrated her 50th birthday, still hikes in the hills by her home three times a week-she said it's a three mile journey. But she's lamenting that it's hardly the ten miles 5 times a week she did in her 20's. Still I give her an "A".

I, on the other hand, give myself a "B+". Since the "broken foot" incident, I have yet to get back to my five miles of power walking. I'm up to about 3.5, but not every day. Plus, I still haven't been able to get back to my "normal" work schedule, since I can't stand for 6 hours at a time. I walk unassisted, work full-time, do most of the domestic goddess chores and work on my free-lance career another 10-16 hours a week, so I think I deserve brownie points on that alone! Although, with my new medicines and my mother-in-law keeping me at the market for three hours last Sunday, I'm still limping and a terrible headache persists.

Last Mental: Again, my hubby gets an "A". After working on re-locating his remaining parent and still maintaining his sanity, temper and his sense of humor, he deserves more-but he does have that twitch, so forget the plus. Although, I do feel he should get his halo and wings.

My girlfriend who turned 50, lost her job, got a stress fracture on her foot and found out she had breast cancer and managed to keep her sanity, her apartment and her sense of humor, she deserves the highest possible "A+++++" there is. In fact, is there a way to give bonus points? Because if anyone deserves something extra it's definitely her!

Here, I give myself an "A". I have a very positive outlook about my life, my future and everything in general. My sense of humor is really quite good. In fact, I'd give myself an "A+", but, alas, sometimes I think I get a little whiny-and that really irritates me, so a demerit it is.

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