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Friday, February 14, 2020


Happy Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!

Here-not so much.  It seems that Steve is working until about 8:30 tonight and then there's the 30+ minute drive home.  Last night he was supposed to actually get home "early" (in this house, that means by 5:45-ish).  He finally walked in the door at around 6:45.

Plus, there's still this pesky little problem with the pain in my side.  While much better than it was a week ago and I'm able to tolerate the spasms and the rest-it is still far from gone.

I guess as you get older these little quirks of nature impede on what should and could be a romantic evening.

Steve did get me  some beautiful flowers and his card was very creative! Me, being a totally tech bomb, wasn't very creative and to add to the problem, my computer rendered me unable to even connect to the internet and print out a card.  Good thing American Greetings has that ability to set your own delivery dates via e-cards.

So tonight, Steve will be working and eating a dinner I packaged for him.  I will be eating last night's leftover burger with some veggies and a baked potato.  I am going to try and at least not be so exhausted that I'll be ready for sleep, but I guess that depends on the rest of our 40th Valentine's Day "together".

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