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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Our Yearly Bon Voyage

By the time you read this, my ever-loving spouse and I will be somewhere in Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year when we get to actually see one another without the benefit of adult children (who we love to bits), grandchildren (want to see our brag books? We’re taking one with us) and extended family members.

Last year we decided on a “land” vacation. It was a tropical locale which we loved and treasure the memories of-really, who doesn’t love Hawaii????

This year we are returning to the Caribbean and a second trip on the Celebrity Millennium. We love this cruise line (we even went on the sister ship Constellation); they really do treat you as if you’re royalty. I love to read a book on our lanai, hubby likes to show his skills at the black jack table tournament (he won the last one-shirt, cash and the honors!) and I love the expert masseuse who DOES NOT pester me to buy stuff and actually gives me a gift as I leave.

On our 20th anniversary we had a great time swimming with the stingrays, having a couples massages, being the winners of the “not-so-newlywed game”, swimming in an underground river and several evenings of dancing.


This year we’re going to actually stop in San Juan and finally tour old town! We’re going back to St. Thomas and an afternoon in Megan’s Bay and a walk into town to get the catch on my bracelet tightened, we’ll enjoy a different part of the Dominican Republic and a nice long hike/tour of the hieroglyphics at the private island before playing in the water.

The best part-time to talk, time to breathe and just be. Yes, we’ll have the stupid cell phones with us for “in case of” and I will be making notes on “how today’s cruises try to help you stay on your fitness and eating plan while still indulging”, but all in all-we are so on vacation here people.

So until our return and my next post on April 25th-may you all stay happy, healthy and enjoy your lives as much as possible!


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