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Saturday, November 28, 2009


This Teen is One to Look Up to

My column on Laguna Hills this month is on a teen of great note-that a look:  


Sometimes you have to wonder about what you’re doing and why. The past month or so I’ve been trying to be wife, mom, grandma, freelance writer, daughter, aunt and a host of other titles-and I have to say, I’ve been pretty good at about maybe 2 of them. The rest I give myself poor to middling grades on.

Let’s face it-there is only so much time and so much energy that we all have. Many people have more than others. That goes for patience levels as well. I’ve had a problem with the patience part. Not with the grandkids or even the kids, certainly not with my hubby. But I’ve been having a real problem with patience when it comes to me.

I want the energy of a 30 year old (I remember having a lot then. I was even still taking dance classes) and the physical health of one as well. I had a few “sciatica” events, but still could carry on with the kids, my part time job, cleaning the house, caring for the pets and all the rest of things.

I had to decide years ago whether to take care of the family or clean the house. We’re in between housekeepers at present, but with a mountain of construction crews it seems like a trivial point at this particular time.

Which brings me to another point-I’m out of patience with the bathroom situation. One bathroom is done and gorgeous. The other is almost done-I can even see the finish line. We’re down to the cabinet guy putting in the finishing touches, baseboards, mirrors and mirrored doors.
Trouble is-no one’s been able to remember the size of the mirrors or the size of the glass insert for the tower.

I’ve lost my sense of humor.
At least I’ve got my tub and I’m not afraid of using it. In fact, I’ve used it 3 times. I did lose my patience with my daughter on Thanksgiving Day. She decided to give the kids a bubble bath in it.

We left their home in Phoenix at 3 a.m., PST- we arrived home at almost noon. I was tired, in need of a shower and clean clothes. I knew it was a holiday, but just wanted to crawl into my own bed.
I held up though-all through dinner, a bath and even some catching up of a couple of shows on the DVR and then collapsed.
Next morning we had to have our tabby at the vet’s for oral surgery, get my car in for new brakes and me to the hospital for test re-dos and some shopping. Hubby and I used the last of my birthday free dinner coupons and then we did some more catching up on shows on the DVR.

That’s why this week’s blog is late-I was too busy and pooped to think about what to say here.
Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and held up through your own Black Friday event.

As for us-my re-dos came out clear, our tabby is very loving but in pain and less 3 teeth and our kids are leaving the grandkids in our care while they go to a wedding.
They leave tomorrow for their new home and lives. Tomorrow we are officially making a second attempt at beginning our lives as empty nesters. And if the contractor knows what’s good for him-he’ll have that cabinet maker and the baseboard guy here on Tuesday.

And now, let’s all hope for a wonderful and PEACEFUL holiday season.

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